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Nobody Could Stop Staring At This “Alien” Creature That Washed Up On The Beach

Australia is known for being home to some bizarre animals. But when an “alien” creature washed up on the shore in western Australia, locals could not believe their eyes. That’s because this ocean animal is so weird that it will take your breath away. Someone snapped a picture of the creature and then shared it on Reddit where it promptly went viral.

In the image, you can see the white and black ocean creature sprawled out on the sand. Unlike an octopus, which has only eight tentacles, this creature has more than a dozen tentacles protruding from its body. In the center, it has a distended sac that probably serves as a mouth for eating.

As the image began to attract more and more attention online, viewers started contributing comments.

“What the heck?” said one commenter. Another wrote, “Quite the creature.”

After some thorough research, people began to agree that the creature was most likely a sea anemone that had died and was beached upside down. Because the creature is not usually seen from its underside, it looked different than what you’re used to seeing.

The person who first made the observation that it was probably an anemone wrote, “The armed anemone. Also called the striped anemone.”

Another seconded that remark, saying, “I think you are correct.”

Armed anemones are fairly common. They’re often found in tropical waters like those off the western coast of Australia. These underwater creatures can grow to be as big as two-feet.

Although these underwater creatures usually have more color in their arms, the consensus is that this one was probably bleached by the sun. Because it is dead, it might have been floating in the water for a long time losing color before it came ashore.

Many other people contributed their reactions to this “alien” creature in the comment section of the Daily Mail’s website.

“It’s rather beautiful, shame it’s dead though.”

“Whatever it is, it is upside down on its back. The tentacles are bending in a position that would be detrimental to its agility in the water. They would hang down where the joints show, so that is its white underbelly. The appendage could be damage, where it’s prolapsed. It’s likely all dark on the top if its back is facing the top of the water and sunlight. Turn it around you’ll identify it better.”

“We know more about space than the depths of our oceans, who knows what lives down there?”

“Australia is full of alien-looking, natural animals.”

“Sorry but some sea creatures are really gross. Stuff outta movies.”

“This is a fake one or a real one, I don’t know. But in the oceans and in the rainforest LITERALLY millions of new and unknown species exists, floral and animal. If we have the ‘duty’ to explore somewhere, then is that HERE, in our beautiful and wonderful world.”

It really is amazing how these creatures, some of which appear out of this world, can rise to the surface of the ocean and enter our world.

What do you think about this sea creature?

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