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Nobody Knew How To Get The Baby Elephant Out Of The Well. Then Someone In The Back Spoke Up

Some challenges in life seem utterly impossible. Writing the next great American novel. Producing an Award-winning Academy film. Running a four-hour marathon. But few things are as practically difficult as what you’re about to see in the video below when a baby elephant got stuck in a well. The baby accidentally fell into the hole in the ground, which went more than 30-feet below the surface, leaving rescuers hopeless for hours until they figured out a marvelous way to save the elephant.

The incident occurred in southern India. And it was a total accident. While traveling with its herd, the baby elephant fell into a hidden well and could not get out. Because it was so deep, the rest of the herd had no hope of rescuing it either. Even though there were fifty elephants in the herd, they needed human help to rescue their youngest member.

After the baby fell into the well, which was outside of a farm, several elephants hung around waiting for help and hoping to give the baby some emotional support through the ordeal. Thankfully, villagers noticed the problem and alerted the proper authorities.

Forest officials jumped to action. They were eager to save the baby elephant and return it to its herd. They arrived at the scene with excavators and a lot of help and many people who just wanted to watch the rescue commence.

Because the well was thirty-feet deep, no one knew how to get the baby out of it. They did not have the equipment to lower a pulley into the well and haul the heavy baby out of the deep hole. That’s when someone in the back of the group, someone who no one usually listened to, spoke up and asked a “silly” question. “What if we dug a ramp so the baby elephant could walk out?”

It sounded crazy, but it could work.

For the next six hours, the rescuers used their massive machines to dig the hole into the ground and create the ramp.

But they were not finished yet. When the digging machines got close enough, they had to come up with part B of the plan. They had no hope of getting low enough with their ramp to save the baby in time. That’s when they started dumping dirt down the hole to the well so the baby elephant could climb on top of it and reach the ramp they had dug. It was an ingenious plan, but one that came with a lot of risk. What if the elephant panicked and did not know what to do? What if it simply gave up from exhaustion and hunger? The baby had been separated from its family for hours and was distraught and stressed.

Thankfully, the forest officials were kindhearted people who knew how to handle the situation. That’s why the baby elephant was able to get through the ordeal. It had support from the people rescuing it.

Watch the breathtaking rescue in the video below.

What do you think about this creative way to save the baby elephant?

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