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Nobody Wanted The Kitten With The Big Head Until An Angel Walked In And Saved Her

When an animal doesn’t get adopted, they usually face a horrible fate. In certain animal shelters, unloved rescue dogs and cats are put in line to be euthanized. It is awful to think about the animals that are on doggie and kitty death row. They don’t deserve to die. They just need a loving home and someone who cares for them.

But the reality is that there are often more animals than there are homes. And shelters are non-profit organizations that face stingy government grants. As a result, they have to kill some of the animals to make room for more and to keep their shelters from getting overcrowded.

When it comes to people looking to adopt animals, they can be very selective. Because there is an oversupply of animals and a low amount of homes for them to go into, the people adopting animals have their pick of the litter, so to speak. That means the healthy and well-behaved pets get chosen for adoption first. And cats like Zeke, a tuxedo kitten, are often overlooked because of one thing.

Zeke faced many health problems when it was time for him to get adopted. But the most visible issue was hydrocephalus, which is the medical name for “water on the brain.” This condition results when the brain experiences an increased amount of cerebrospinal fluid. Usually this fluid “cushions” the brain from trauma like heavy blows, but when there is too much of it, the head can appear large.

“Zeke has always been known as the “Little Hot Mess” because of all the genetic disorders he has in addition to his hydrocephalus,” caretaker Lisa Jones said. “It was obvious from the start that he’s a Twisty cat (he has radical agenesis meaning he’s missing the radius bone in his forearms), he only had three toes on both front paws, and his tail was short and deformed.”

At the time of the photos, Zeke was only thirteen-weeks old. And because no one loved him, he earned his spot on kitty death row and was in line to be killed.

At least until Lisa, with Super Hero’s Animal Hydrocephalus Society, stepped up to save his life and find him a new home. She discovered his adorable photo on Facebook.

Lisa’s organization is a non-profit that specializes in caring for cats like Zeke. When they saw Zeke, they knew he needed their help.

After she saved him from euthanization, Lisa introduced Zeke to his new feline family. It was the first time Zeke was with other cats who looked like he did. And you could tell that he opened up to his new environment.

“Zeke is hysterical, behaving as any normal kitten should, and despite all of his disabilities, he has a heck of a lot of abilities!”

Despite his deformities, he found how to get around them so he can have as much fun as the next kitten. Now he’s living the dream life of a cat, climbing and playing all he wants.