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Nobody Wanted To Adopt This Girl With Silver Eyes Until One Woman Decided To Change Everything

When Primrose was born in China, she was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma at birth. Her condition made her look different – she had silver eyes. Because she was untreated for the condition for the first 23 months of her life, it progressed and caused the baby a lot of pain. She condition left her unable to see and paired with a hearing problem. She had difficulty understanding the world around her – especially since she had no one who loved her.

Because she had silver eyes and health issues, her mother abandoned her at an orphanage. But her quality of life did not improve when she got to the facility. During her life, she had not known comfort, or loving touch. She didn’t know how to eat from a bottle and could not hold her head up very well.

But then everything changed. Across the globe, a family from the United States saw a picture of Primrose on Facebook. While everyone else had balked at her because of her silver eyes, Eryn and her husband Chris knew she was special. Although they had two kids of their own, they wanted to adopt a third. When Eryn saw Primrose’s silver eyes, something told her, from deep inside her soul, that she was meant to become her mother.

The couple booked a flight to China. But it was hardly that easy. They had to gather together a lot of money for the trip and for the adoption process. And when they finally got to the foreign country to meet her, Primrose was ill with a fever. Because they arrived at a bad time, it was not clear if they would be able to bring her home on the plane – she might not be healthy enough for a trip across the globe.

But then a miracle happened, and they were able to take her back to their home. And it changed everything for the silver-eyed girl.

After Primrose lived with Eryn and Chris for about a month, Eryn finally felt like she needed to share her story with her friends and family on social media. She shared the following tribute about their adopted daughter.

“These are mama eyes that only shut for four hours last night. And hands that held and patted a baby’s back for 45 minutes straight just to constantly remind her ‘someone is here.’ A heart that is sure she is screwing up somehow at least 1,000,000 times a day. A head full of questions, anxiety, and fear. She is a mess. A total mess. And life is flipped on its very head because… Primrose Lin.”

Eryn wanted her friends to know how much she loved this special girl.

“This is a baby who, just 38 days ago, didn’t know the comfort of being held most of the day. She didn’t know that someone would come to her when she called out in her sweet baby language. She didn’t know that she could eat from a bottle without breathing the liquid straight into her tiny lungs. She had no idea that a big sister could cuddle you better than anyone and a big brother could tickle you into fits of giggles.”

When Eryn saw Primrose’s eyes, she knew she was her child. And now she has a loving home.