None Of The Neighbors Believed His Horse’s Daily Ritual, So He Decided To Catch It On Film : AWM

None Of The Neighbors Believed His Horse’s Daily Ritual, So He Decided To Catch It On Film

Habits and rituals help give our lives meaning. They are the fundamental behaviors that shape our futures. Whether it is a good habit like saying a prayer before a meal (one that sparks a feeling of gratitude) or a bad habit like smoking cigarettes every day (one that can be detrimental to overall health), habits and rituals keep us going for the long haul.

While we all have our routines and rituals, animals have their own as well. Dogs and cats often come to expect breakfast or dinner time and know that when they hear the sound of the leash, it is time for them to get outside and go for their coveted walk.

And horses are no exception. They have their own routines and rituals as well. But when it comes to one man’s horse, no one believed him when he said that his horse had a ritual no one expected.

When the summer weather hits, the man’s horse knows exactly what to do. Why? The horse knows because it does the same thing every single day when the sun is shining, and the temperatures are rising. It takes a trip over to the owner’s swimming pool and takes a dip in it to cool itself down.

After the horse owner started telling his neighbors about the horse’s delightful habit, he was disappointed that no one believed him. Instead of having them take his word for the truth, which they refused to do, he decided to go out on a limb and record the horse’s strange behavior to prove it to all the naysayers. And as he held his phone in front of them showing his horse taking a dip in the pool, he forced them to eat their words.

After the initial shock wore off, everyone who watched the horse owner’s video had one suggestion. They told him to put the video on the internet so other people could delight in the horse’s amazing daily habit. Thankfully, the man took the advice to heart and wasted no time in uploading the video online where it quickly went viral and attracted many, many viewers from across the world.

In the video, the owner has caught his horse in the act. Although the horse recognizes the owner’s presence, it does not show any signs of shame at having been caught jumping into the owner’s pool. Instead, it just goes around, enjoying the cool water in contrast to the blazing heat of the summer sun.

Horses are smart animals. And this one proves just how much so. When the animal is finally ready to leave the pool, it finds its way out, climbing back onto the deck so it can shake off the excess water and get back to its day. More than two million people have watched this video, which is just about sixty seconds long.

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