A young mother with a bustling personality had split people into two camps when she announced that everyone should be using their dishwashers to clean more than just dirty dishes. The Australian mother shared how she uses the cleaning machine to rinse vegetables, disinfect toys, as well as clean other things from around the house. Loyal fans of Carolina McCauley’s social media presence love following her for housekeeping tips and other mom content, but some super fans felt that her dishwasher video may have gone too far this time.

McCauley’s viral video revealed how she uses her dishwasher for much more than cleaning off dinner’s dirty dishes. In the video, the mom, who hails from Perth, Australia, showed how she stuffs her machine full of toys, cleaning sponges, and vegetables to get them clean without having to do the work in the sink by hand.

“They come out squeaky clean,” she said. The video shows her dishwasher loaded with fruit and veggies like apples, zucchinis, as well as several kids’ toys that needed to be cleaned.

McCauley explained that she washes her fruit and vegetables in the dishwasher to save time.

“I don’t have to do it by hand, scrubbing them with a brush or anything,” McCauley said. “They just come out looking perfect and ready to eat!”

Though some of Carolina’s followers loved the convenience of using their dishwashers for more than just dishes, some felt that washing produce in it was a risky proposition.

“I’ve heard you shouldn’t clean veggies or fruits this way because they can lose nutrients and get watered down,” one commenter wrote on her social media post.

Another person commented, “I’ve been told this is a bad idea because the detergent and heat from the dry cycle can damage nutrients. Especially with leafy greens. I would do some more research on it before jumping into doing it all of your veggies!”

“When people run out of content to post. It’s also concerning as there are people who are so clueless or simpleminded that they might actually follow this blindly,” another woman said.

Skeptics worried that the dishwasher might be too hot for most fruit and vegetables. Because temperatures soar inside the machine while it is working, these people fear that the dishwasher could simply ruin the food before it even has a chance to get eaten.

McCauley responded to the concerns, saying that she rinses off any chemicals and sprays from her fruits and vegetables before putting them in the dishwasher.

“My veggies usually end up tasting better than ones I’ve hand-washed too!” McCauley shared with TODAY Food. “I think it’s because the dishwasher heat gets them extra clean and makes them taste fresher.”

McCauley also noted that her vegetables often come out of the machine looking better than they did before she put them in there.

“They look like I’ve just bought them from the store, whereas with hand washing, you can really notice how mushy or brown they can get,” she said.

She added, “I use my dishwasher every day — I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with all this if we didn’t have one.”

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