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Now People Are Getting Their Eyeballs Pierced And It’s Grossing Me Out

There’s a new jewelry trend that many agree is taking things way too far. While people have been getting their body modified since the dawning of time, now people are piercing not only their ears and lips – but their eyes. That’s right. People are getting eyeball piercing. Not their eyebrows, not their eyelids, but the sides of the eyeballs they use to see – and many health professionals are extremely alarmed at the growing popularity of this trend.

In the last few years, eyeball tattoos have become far too common. People are putting their sight at risk to get an aesthetic change to their appearance. It’s a shocking trend, to say the least. While self-expression is an important thing to engage in, changing your eyes can be extremely risky, especially if you rely on sight for anything that you do.

In addition to eyeball tattoos, people now have jewelry surgically implanted into their eyeball to give themselves that romantic glint to their gaze.

Perhaps the first person to gain fame for undergoing this surgical body modification was a woman from New York named Lucy Luckayanko. She asked the person behind the knife to insert a heart-shaped piece of platinum jewelry into her eyeball. In addition to some “luck,” Luckayanko also paid the person $3,000 to do the deed.

Luckayanko did not go to her local tattoo shop or piercer for the procedure. Instead, she hired Dr. Emil Chynn, a renowned eye surgeon based in New York to get the job done. Since she underwent the procedure a few years ago, she said she has no regrets about it. It was worth every penny to her.

Dr. Chynn turned the procedure into a spectacle. He rented out a room with a floor-to-ceiling window on Park Avenue so people on the street could watch him implant the heart-shaped jewelry into Luckayanko’s eyeball. He said that it didn’t bother him that there were so many people watching him work because it was such an easy job.

Dr. Chynn used tiny scissors to cut a slit in the membrane of Luckayanko’s eyeball. Then he slipped the coveted piece of jewelry into it. The cut he made was so small, the jewelry filled it up, and it didn’t even require stitches. Easy.

At the time, Dr. Chynn had been looking for someone to go through the SafeSight Eye Jewelry procedure. Luckayanko showed up at the right time and proved to be the perfect candidate for the pilot procedure.

Dr. Chynn thought she was perfect for many reasons, the primary one being that she was “Russian.”

He said, “She’s Russian. She’s over the top.”

If Luckayanko ever changes her mind, Dr. Chynn can take the heart-shaped platinum jewelry out of her eye. However, the Russian woman doesn’t think she’ll ever want to change her mind about what she had installed in her gaze a few years ago. She loves it and has no regrets.

What do you think about this new trend in body modification? Do you think more people will seek out eyeball piercings?

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