Because all clubs and restaurants have shut down amid the COVID-19 pandemic that threatens the lives of every baby boomer in America, strippers have been forced to “get creative” with how they earn a living. While these dancers usually have a recession-resistant source of income – there never seems to be a shortage of lonely men – now that establishments like strip clubs cannot be open, strippers are forced to come up with new schemes to take home the bacon, which has some people stunned.

Brodie Grody has made a great living as a stripper in Portland, Oregon. But when the fears around the COVID-19 pandemic grew fast and furious, she knew that her career might be in jeopardy. That’s why she started thinking up ways to make cash if something happened to the club. And it’s a good thing she did that because the strip club shut down not long after her insight.

“People were scared,” she says. “They were going out less. They were buying fewer lap dances and sitting at the stage less because they were worried about getting too close to us.”

Governor Kate Brown shut down all bars, restaurants, and clubs across Oregon. Many governors have taken this same decisive action across the country. It was a desperate effort to stop the spread of a virus that travels from person to person. Social distancing, as the term goes, is when people stop congregating and try to keep themselves clear of the germs that can kill.

Grody was devastated. Her income relied on the club, and she had no other way to take home the cash until she came up with an emergency relief plan of her own.

“(My income was) wiped out completely,” she says. “We really needed to step it up and start hustling.”

The owner of Lucky Devil Lounge, Shon Boulden, knew it was an emergency situation. He did not want to lose out on the cash he could be making from his girls. Boulden shared an update on social media, where he joked about how he would keep his girls employed by offering a service where customers can pay to have their food delivered by a topless woman.

Customers didn’t realize this was a joke.

“I was like, ‘Holy sh*t. This may be something that actually works,’” he said.

For a $30 delivery fee, Boulden will send one of his hot young strippers out to deliver food without a top on. It’s been a big hit. But the plan had to adapt because it put girls in danger.

“At a certain point, we decided we probably shouldn’t be sending topless girls to random people’s houses, so we’re doing it more PC,” Boulden said.

Instead, girls show up to the doorstep and lift up their sweaters, revealing their nipple pasties. Then the girls “bounce around” to entertain the guest.

“We’re trying to continue to employ our employees in a different way that allows us to actually keep our doors open,” said the strip club owner.

What do you think about this creative solution to the COVID-19 shutdown?

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