Chip Gaines has become a beloved celebrity since rising to fame alongside his wife, Joanna, following their HGTV smash-hit “Fiver Upper.” The pair have evolved their personal brands since the premiere of their home renovation television series and have launched product lines and magazines, published books, and have even come out with their own network. But now Chip Gaines, who is famous for his long locks, has shaved off his head for a very compelling reason – he was raising money to donate to charity.

In an Instagram video, Chip shared the moment he lost his hair in an effort to raise money for children in need. By shaving off his shoulder-length hair in one go, Gaines was able to raise a staggering $500,000 in the name of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Children with Hair Loss foundation.

Chip wasn’t alone when he completed his good deed in the name of charity for children. His wife, Joanna, and a sixteen-year-old boy named Bailey were also present for the head shaving. Chip went to a barbershop for the haircut and came out looking completely different than he did when he first sat down in the chair.

Chip and Bailey have a storied past. They first met four years ago when Bailey was undergoing treatment for cancer while he was at St. Jude Children’s hospital. The boy has since beaten back cancer and has been able to live the life of a joyful teenager with a few celebrity friends.

“And just like that… it’s gone!” Chip wrote in the caption of the video. “All worth it if it means more kids at @stjude get taken care of. So we’re going to keep this thing going till midnight… Tap this video to donate. Hey, @cwhl_org—, my hair is on its way to you! #ChipInForStJude.”

Chip didn’t just raise money by cutting off his hair. His actual locks will be given to the Children With Hair Loss charity, which will use Chip Gaines’s long hair to create a wig for a child who is battling cancer treatment.

Chip had grown his hair out extra long during the COVID-19 pandemic – just like many other men have done. However, Chip was always famous for having long hair. But during the pandemic, Joanna joked about Chip being “wild and free,” and now that his head was shaved, he “never looked this clean” before.

In June 2021, Chip said: “It’s like politics in America in 2021. It’s like you either love it, or you hate it. And so I just scroll through Twitter. I’m like, ‘Ow, that’s hurtful,’ ‘Wow, she thinks I look like Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall,’ ‘Wow, that’s a hard thing to swallow, is it that bad?’ ‘Oh, this person likes it.’ So I appreciate you saying you like it because I’m really feeling it, you know, it seems to be working for me.”

Chip exceeded his fundraising goal of half a million dollars and has raised nearly $512,000 for St. Jude at the time of this writing.

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