Nunes Blindsides Hillary Clinton With Alleged Clearcut Proof Of Her Collusion With Russia : AWM

Nunes Blindsides Hillary Clinton With Alleged Clearcut Proof Of Her Collusion With Russia

When House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes appeared on Fox News’s “Hannity,” he broke the news on Monday with some fresh accusations. Nunes has been thrust into the spotlight after his office produces a memo that blames the FBI for relying on a politically-biased dossier that was composed by an ex-British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. During the television appearance, Nunes admitted that Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act or FISA court granted the intelligence officer with the ability to spy on Trump’s aide.

He said that the court did not have the whole picture when they made this decision. Therefore, the choice was not built around the truth that the dossier was politically motivated.

While Republicans claim that the FBI memo proves the intelligence organization has an anti-Trump bias from the beginning of the Russia probe, Nunes says it could implicate Hillary Clinton as well.

Nunes’s House Intelligence Committee voted to release the Democrats’ counter-memo. If Trump wants to block this measure, he has a few days to do it.

During his appearance on “Hannity,” Nunes spoke about the hypocrisy of the Democratic party claiming he found a “clear link” between the Democrats and Russia during the election.

According to Nunes, Hillary’s campaign, and not Trump’s, was colluding with the foreign power to rig the election.

“I think there’s clear. There’s clear evidence of collusion that the Democratic party and the Hillary Clinton campaign colluded with the Russians,” he said.

Nunes used the opportunity on the conservative Fox News program to lash out at the left-leaning Democrats. He said that it is blatant hypocrisy that the Democrats criticized his office’s memo that accused Trump’s Justice Department and the FBI for abusing government surveillance against one of Trump’s campaign advisers.

“We have a clear link to Russia – you have a campaign who hired a law firm, who hire Fusion GPS, who hired a foreign agent, who then got information from the Russians on the other campaign,” the Republican chairman said. “It seems like the counterintelligence investigation should have been opened up against the Hillary campaign when they got ahold of the dossier. But that didn’t happen, either.”

Nunes’s four-page memo, which was released on Friday, argues that the FBI relied on the politically motivated dossier when it applied for a surveillance warrant. Christopher Steele, the ex-British intelligence officer, conducted research that was funded by Democrats.

Nunes made his statements shortly after the House Intelligence Committee decided to release the Democrats’ counter-memo. Democrats claim that their memo refutes every claim of FISA’s abuse point-by-point. The Democrats want their memo to be released.

Now Trump has five days to decide if he wants to let the Democratic memo out to the public or not.

Mail Online readers eagerly joined the conversation.

“I know you are raging to put Hillary in prison, but I feel I need to remind you that you must: Accuse, Indict, Try, Convict, Sentence and then lock her up. We do not live in a 3rd w0rld country where the dictator can just toss you in prison.”

“Wow! If there were as much proof, Trump had gone after Hillary this way it would be completely over for him months ago. Liberal progressive democrats are evil to the core!”

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