Now that the world’s population of aging people is under siege by the deadly coronavirus, the systems that were put in place to help are failing. While the death toll rises in the United States, baby boomers and other seniors are terrified by the federal government’s lack of response. While state governors like Democrats Gavin Newsome and Andrew Cuomo fight to protect their residents, many other Americans are left to fight for themselves even despite the supposed $2 trillion bailout that should be coming.

In Spain, the situation is even direr. Because Spain, like Italy before it, has been hit very hard by COVID-19, its systems are struggling to stay afloat. And because the country has a large population of elderly people, there are not enough people to help support them.

Spain experienced 514 new deaths from coronavirus in one day, marking a new high. There are nearly 40,000 cases in the Mediterranean country, which is struggling to cope with the disaster. The massive leap in COVID-19 cases came just a day after Spanish soldiers found something disturbing.

While scouring the country for survivors, soldiers have found dead and dying people abandoned at care homes. The army was sent into these locations to help disinfect the properties because of virus fears – but the worst had already happened. The elderly people in these homes were killed, and the people paid to look over them had abandoned them during their time of need.

Margarita Robles, Spain’s defense minister, said that her soldiers found “some old people completely abandoned, sometimes even dead in their beds.”

For a country that prides itself on taking care of the elderly and for caring for their elders, this treatment was despicable and disheartening. Would other care workers abandon their post as COVID-19 caused more destruction across the country? And does this tragedy show what baby boomers and senior citizens can expect in the United States?

Spain has taken decisive action against COVID-19. They are using their military to visit elderly homes and help disinfect the properties to help stop the spread of the virus.

Despite the country’s best efforts, the virus is winning. And people are afraid. That’s why prosecutors are forced to work overtime, trying to come to grips with what happened at one old folks’ home where seventeen people have died.

Spain has not officially announced where the care workers “abandoned” their wards. However, Robles is infuriated that Spanish people would do this to the elderly in their hour of need.

“The army, during some visits, has seen elderly people absolutely abandoned, if not dead in their beds,” Robles said during a prime-time Spanish TV show. “We are going to be strict and inflexible when dealing with the way old people are treated in these residences.”

Meanwhile, the United States is reeling from the effects of COVID-19. The country was ill-prepared, and the federal government failed to stop the foreign virus from crossing the American border. Now the tragedy seen in Italy and Spain could be imminent in the United States.

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