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O.J. Simpson’s Kids Are All Grown Up, And You Won’t Believe What They’re Up To Now

Without a doubt, O.J. Simpson is one of the most notorious figures in pop culture. He was a star football player and also a popular actor. But his reputation quickly got shot up with holes once he became the prime suspect in the double homicide of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. O.J. was thrust into the spotlight as his murder trial became the “trial of the century,” and everyone in the United States tuned in to watch what would happen.

As we all know, Simpson was acquitted of the charges and released to lead his life again. But he soon found himself in trouble with the law after committing a crime that landed him in jail.

While most people now believe that O.J. Simpson was guilty of the murders, the trial nevertheless stole the possibility of a normal childhood from his young children Justin Ryan Simpson and Sydney Brooke Simpson. His older children, who Simpson had with his first wife, Marguerite Whitley, were also torn apart in the ensuing trial after Nicole and Ron’s murder. Those children were Arnell and Jason and distanced themselves from their father as he was tried for double homicide.

Since the tragic deaths in 1994, the Simpson family has not been the same. It’s been nearly two and a half decades since the trial was decided and have forced the Simpson clan into hiding. His children have maintained low profiles since their father became a notorious figure.

But recently they came back into the spotlight. In 2014, O.J.’s children were seen at the funeral of their grandfather, Louis Brown Jr. They mourned the death of the maternal grandpa. But two years later, Sydney and Justin celebrated their cousin’s wedding in style.

Because O.J. has become the subject of various shows on television, his family has once again found themselves in the spotlight whether they like it or not.

Arnelle Simpson

She was born in 1968 on the very day O.J. won the Heisman trophy. She stayed in her mother’s custody after they divorced when she was 11. Even after he was accused of murder, Arnelle stood beside her father and remained his biggest supporter. But when he went away for armed robbery and kidnapping, Arnelle did not hesitate to spend her father’s money.

Jason Simpson

Along with Arnelle, Jason, O.J.’s second child with Marguerite, stood by his side during the murder trial. After he was acquitted, O.J. asked Jason to read his statement. He went on to be a star football player in the Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad. And then he launched a career in the culinary arts.

Sydney Simpson

Syndey was just nine when her mother was murdered. She went on to go to Boston University, and O.J helped her move into the dorm. After some trouble, she went on to start her own company in the hospitality industry.

Justin Simpson

As best as he could, Justin made the most out of childhood. Now he lives just a few miles from Sydney in Florida and works as a successful real estate agent.

Despite the turmoil they went through, O.J. Simpson’s children are making the most of the situation.