Off-duty State Trooper Wakes Up At 2 A.M. To Save The Life Of A Neighbor’s Newborn Baby : AWM

Off-duty State Trooper Wakes Up At 2 A.M. To Save The Life Of A Neighbor’s Newborn Baby

Those who are police officers, don’t just tend to their duties while they are on the clock. Instead, they typically take responsibility for the world around them at all times. One New Jersey state trooper was sound asleep in his Piscataway home one night when he was called into action. He awoke to a frantic neighbor at his door, and she was holding a newborn baby who had turned blue and was struggling to breathe.

Without even stopping to put his shoes on, Trooper Robert Meyer rushed over to the neighbor’s house and went to work saving the baby girl’s life. Using a bulb syringe to clear mucus and vomit that blocked the two-week-old’s nose and mouth, he got her fully breathing again.

The girl was treated and released from the hospital that same day and she is expected to make a full recovery.

The trooper was congratulated for his quick work and the New Jersey State Police posted a photo of him on Twitter, holding the baby girl.

Evidently, Meyer had been sleeping after he worked an overnight shift. While most of us would be overtired and probably somewhat delirious when we were woken by a neighbor at our door, Meyer quickly jumped into action. It’s clear that this is the job that he was meant to do and he does it well. Troopers are responsible for enforcing the law but they are also well-trained in a variety of emergency situations. The family of the baby girl is certainly lucky that Meyer happened to be their neighbor and that he was home at this specific time.

The photo of Meyer holding the infant went viral and people from all over are applauding the hero…

“Thank God for this N.J. State Trooper.Representing the Best of the Best! And saving the smallest of small! That’s what N.J. finest do best!”

And others shared their scary stories involving similar incidents…

“Awesome story! My first born started choking when she was about a month old….I freaked out but her dad grabbed her from me and took his mouth and covered her nose with it and sucked it out…911 had been called… by the time they made it to us her airways were clear….it was so scary!”

Several have dubbed Meyer as a hero…

“Great job, thank you, American hero. God bless.”

One commenter pointed out a very valid fact…

“They are never really off duty!!”

And it’s true…being in law enforcement in a 24 hour a day job, whether they are off or on the clock. It is for this reason that some people are cut out to be in the career, and others are not. These men and women were trained to remain calm in situations that can be extremely nerve-wracking for the rest of us. By having a clear mind and knowing the steps he was trained to take in order to save a choking infant, Meyer was able to give this little girl a chance and he deserves many thanks for that.