Ohio Man On Vacation In Costa Rica Rescues Baby From Certain Death (video) : AWM

Ohio Man On Vacation In Costa Rica Rescues Baby From Certain Death (video)

Travelling in South America will bring you into contact with some surprising wildlife. You may encounter bugs and spiders you never thought existed crawling all over you in the dead of night. Or equally scary is the chance run-in you may have with wild cats in the mountains as you venture along in a tour guided vehicle or your transportation vehicle of choice. Sometimes the interactions with nature can actually be quite serene – like the time Dirk Morgan found a struggling sloth and rescued it.

Dirk Morgan would be the first to admit he has seen a lot of what nature has to offer. Having taken many nature trips with his wife over the years, the couple from Ohio expected their trip to Costa Rica to be filled with some excitement – but they could never have predicted what they would find.

On this one occasion, the Morgans found a struggling sloth on the shoreline unable to make it’s way to safety.

The Morgans live and run the Jungle Lodge in Peurto Jimenez in Costa Rica. The lodge is located on the Osa Peninsula which, as it happens, is one of the most biodiverse habitats left on earth. The Morgans call this territory their home and have come to appreciate the wide variety of life forms hovering around them at all times.

It was still curious one Monday morning for them to hear a strange sound coming from the rocks on the ocean. They ventured down and found a baby sloth underneath some of the rocks and clinging on for dear life.

The Morgans pointed out that strong rains had come overnight and must surely have caused some commotion. While it was unclear how exactly this little guy ended up nestled between the rocks, it was clear that help was needed otherwise imminent death was in its future. Dirk said that if the sloth had been there for even an hour long it would have made a nice lunch for the stray dogs who roam the coastline looking for scraps.

The Morgans gathered all the supplies they needed to help the little guy find his way back to the jungle. They brought a box, a warm towel, and fresh water to the ailing sloth to give it the support and energy boost it needed to make it back home.

It just so happened that help was close by. The Morgan’s Jungle Lodge is located next door to an animal sanctuary run by Paul Tudor Jones, a wealthy hedge fund manager and founder of the Robin Hood Foundation. It was no problem for the sanctuary to take the ailing sloth into their care and rehabilitate it accordingly.

Photos of the whole excursion posted by the Morgans show all the stages of rescue that went down. By the end of it all, when the sloth is in the warm care of the preservationists, a photo was taken that makes it seem like the little guy is smiling! You would not need to convince the Morgans that the natural wildlife has its mysterious ways of communicating with humans.