On A Bet Worker Sticks His Hand Into A Spout Of Molten Metal (video) : AWM

On A Bet Worker Sticks His Hand Into A Spout Of Molten Metal (video)

A shocking video clip has come out of Armenia that has left viewers in awe. The thousands who have watched the clip are unable to decide if what is happening is a skilled laborer knowing how to work with the molten metal. Others think it is simple luck. But a few are saying this man had divine protection when he put his hand into the burning hot metal and removed it without injury or pain.

The footage shows the man putting his hand into the metal and then removing his uninjured limb and showing it (along with a grin) to the camera. The man is certainly a daredevil as he was willing to risk his hand for the viral video status.

The foundry worker has a remarkable skill, and golden courage, when he put his hand through a spout of boiling hot molten metal – that was likely thousands of degrees Fahrenheit.

Watch the clip below. You’ll see the man wearing his protective gear and giving the camera a joyous wave. And as the welder machine continues to produce a stream of molten metal, a waterfall of the extremely hot and dangerous substance forms and we see the bright liquid fire forming right next to him.

When the waterfall of orange and red metal is hot enough, the man foolishly removes his protective gear. Viewers who did not read the title of the clip do not understand why he would be doing this. But as we see him strip away his gloves, we’re left stunned as he shows his bare hand to the camera. We hope he isn’t going to do what he is going to do. If it backfires, this Armenia foundry worker can be left with a maimed hand, or worse, no hand at all.

With a sudden move, the metal worker juts his hand into the stream of molten metal. And as the stuff pours down, he slaps away the liquid, not once, but twice. He is risking so much for this viral clip, which you can see below.

But he is not harmed. It is a miracle, or some kind of divine protection, that has him left unhurt. And the person who is filming the clip is just as shocked as the thousands of viewers at home who could not believe this man would risk his hand like that.

After showing his unharmed hand to the camera, the daredevil foundry worker approaches the camera. And on his face, he has a big smile. Then he flashes a thumbs up to the camera to prove that he is all right.

Steel usually melts at around 2550 degrees Fahrenheit while iron melts at about 2700 degrees Fahrenheit, the Daily Mail reported.

Mail Online viewers were stunned. Some called him an “idiot” for doing the stunt. Others were mesmerized.

Doubters wrote:

“If that guy ever does that and makes the mistake of slapping some of that metal onto his clothing.”

“And the next day his hand has melted and burned off.”

“I can see this going wrong quickly!”

What do you believe? Was this skill or dumb luck?