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Once Everyone Saw His Thumb, They Needed To Get A Picture Of It

If you went to college and lived in a dorm, then you know that there was always one person in the building who had a weird quirk. Perhaps, there was a guy who had a glass eye or another person who could dislocate their shoulder to lick their elbow. In Massachusetts, 20-year-old Jacob Pina has an extremely long thumb, and he’s proud to share it on the world through the music app TikTok.

During the short video, Pina explained that although his thumb is “very long,” it is very real. Because of the extreme size of his exposable appendage, Pina has “never lost a thumb battle.” At least he’s finding benefits from his physical oddity.

Because Pina’s thumb is five inches long, he shows how useful it can be for everyday tasks. In the quick video, he uses his long thumb to swipe a water bottle off the table. While that may not seem like a useful trick, Pina can use it during college drinking games to best his opponents. Games like flip cup and beer pong are a piece of cake for him because of the extreme length of his thumb.

Pina is from Westport, Massachusetts, which is near Fall River. Because he has gotten a lot of flack for having such a long thumb since starting college, he decided to share the video to show all his haters just how cool it can be to have a massive thumb.

In the clip, he assures all his viewers that, “Yes, it’s real.” He displays his thumb in various positions throughout the video. He starts with a clenched fist, which highlights just how long the thumb really is. But not only that, he then extends it to share with the countless viewers how long he can stretch the appendage.

“Hey guys, so this is my thumb,” he said in the video. “Yes. It is very long. Yes, it is real, and yes. I have never lost a thumb battle.”

He then swipes a water bottle from the table with his freakishly long thumb.

Although Pina is clueless as to why his thumb is so long – neither his mom nor dad have the same issue – but he is happy that he has it because it makes him different from all the other college kids.

“There is no reason it’s so big. (It’s) just an anomaly. When people see my thumb, they freak out and measure it next to their own thumb. I feel great about it. It’s always great to be different and embrace your own essence.”

Because his extra-long thumb gets him a lot of attention, Pina tries to use it to woo friends and women. The thumb attracts attention, so he waves it around and then draws people in with more cunning measures. For example, he’d be a great hitchhiker if he ever wanted to take a trip across the country. No one would be able to drive past Pina if he had his thumb up.

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