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Once I Realized Why This Dog Refused To Move I Couldn’t Hold Back The Tears

Dogs are forever loyal, it’s true, but this dog’s dedication, after his owner was deployed over seas, will melt your heart. This lab-collie mix named Fruitloops was majorly missing her human, infantryman Michael Yost, who left his wife Jessica and their two dogs home in Germany while he was deployed in April. Jessica, naturally, felt the absence, but so did Fruitloops, who tried to fill the void in the only way he could imagine.

Jessica caught Fruitloops on top of a plastic storage container filled with Michael’s old clothes and military sleeping bag. She decided to capture the touching moment on video, telling MSN: “It broke my heart when I saw Fruitloops curled up in the tub of Michael’s old clothes.” She added: “He looked so heartbroken — he doesn’t understand that his dad is coming back [in the fall].”

Jessica said that she did her best to help the dog feel happier, saying, “He laid in the garments for a few minutes before I tried to perk him up by talking to him,” adding, “My dogs feel like my children, so it’s really heartbreaking, but once I started talking to him, he perked up.”

Michael, it turns out, isn’t even Fruitloops’ original owner, but the dog formed an instant and obviously very strong bond with him. “He just met my husband last year when we got engaged and instantly bonded with him,” Jessica explained. “I actually told Michael when we first started dating, ‘If my dog, Fruitloops, doesn’t like you, we won’t be able to continue dating.’”

She added: “Obviously, Fruitloops fell in love with him.”

The quick clip demonstrates just how much Fruitloops loves the guy, as Jessica snags footage of the pup atop the pile of clothes, asking, “Fruity, what are you doing?” The dog gives a look and lifts his head, as she asks, “Why are you laying in daddy’s stuff? Do you miss your daddy?”

Fruitloops gets out of the bin, gives a stretch and a wag, perhaps feeling a bit better by Jessica’s attempt to cheer him up, as another dog comes in to sniff the camera.

Those who weighed in with comments on social media also shared their pets’ similar moments of heartbreak, with one person noting: “My cat was like this. Almost died when I went to visit my mom even though hubby and kids were still home. Barely ate at all. Soon as I got home he got back on track and pulled thru. I lost him yesterday to old age. Miss my baby kitty already. RIP Raptor!”

Another commenter shared: “I believe this really happened. Our male poodle has separation anxiety and he loves his daddy so much. When dad’s at home, he’s stuck like glue to him. Poor furbaby.”

Others were moved by the sad pup, with comments such as: “Not much makes me cry nowadays… but I just can’t handle this one! He’s too stinkin’ cute and looks so sad!” and “Aww so sad! They just don’t understand why they have to leave.”