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Once I Saw What Was Living In The Lake, I Told My Kids Never To Go Swimming Again

There’s a lake in Yorkshire in the UK that has families terrified. Not only have children often played in the lake, but it has also been documented that ducks and fish have been going missing. Now locals think they have the answer as for the reason why – and it’s shocking. Locals fished out two deadly piranhas from the Yorkshire lake, which are capable of devouring human and animal flesh extremely quickly.

Piranhas are usually found in South American in the Amazon River. However, some madman apparently transported these dangerous fish all the way from across the world to the United Kingdom so they could terrorize the local animals and children.

The local who found the fish at the lake in Doncaster, South Yorkshire were horrified. Why would someone bring piranhas halfway across the world and why would they dump them in Martinwells Lake? It didn’t make any sense.

The most popular theory is that someone kept these piranhas as pets and released them into the lake when they got too big.

Davey White is pictured above holding the deadly predator of a fish. He was shocked, but he was not the only one. Mother Toni Hooper, 32, saw the fish while she was walking with her family on Sunday and could not believe her eyes!

“When we realized what it was it sent shivers down my spine. This is a popular spot amongst families, dog walkers, and fishermen. It’s always busy here. There’s a play park nearby, so you get kids here paddling in the water, teenagers will go swimming here.”

Hooper added, “You wouldn’t catch me going in the water. We came here to feed the ducks, and on Sunday we noticed there were only one duck and two ducklings, I’m concerned about where the wildlife is. I’ve spoken to others who have said they’ve noticed there aren’t as many ducks.”

Gary Walker is Hooper’s partner. He’s unemployed and 34. He spends his days fishing while Hooper brings home the bacon. He’s also noticed the number of fish decreasing. He doesn’t know what caused it, but he suspects the hungry piranhas.

Lisa Holmes,37, was shocked to see the fish as well.

Holmes said, “My partner (Davey White) is a fisherman and was looking around the edge of the lake when he suddenly spotted this fish floating near one of the pegs [fishing platform]. He managed to get it out of the water, and although he’s a keen angler, he wasn’t sure what type of fish it was straight away.

“But then we started looking at it more closely and saw the teeth we realized it was a piranha. We went home and Googled it and its quite clear it’s a piranha. It was quite a shock. We couldn’t believe that we’d found a piranha fish. It’s not the kind of thing you expect to find in Doncaster. We presume that it was a pet that someone no longer wanted and they have gone and dumped it in the lake.”

What do you think about the piranhas in the lake?

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