Once The Police Watched His Interview On The News, They Arrested Him The Next Day : AWM

Once The Police Watched His Interview On The News, They Arrested Him The Next Day

Hit and run accidents are despicable, as the driver responsible flees the scene, leaving a victim behind. In this case, however, the police were able to nab the guilty party — after he confessed during an interview on a local news broadcast. The Boston man, Phocian Fitts, was tracked down by a WFXT-TV reporter and interviewed about the accident. He hit a pedestrian and then sped away; the victim was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police arrested Fitts after seeing him on the evening news, confessing that he was the driver involved in the hit and run accident. The man he struck was crossing the intersection in the crosswalk just before 1:00 on a Wednesday.

Fitts explained how the whole thing happened, telling the reporter: “I just want to say one thing right… accidents happen. I was listening to my music and as I was driving I was driving too quick… I was driving too quick to the point where I couldn’t really stop and it was a green light.”

He continued: “As the guy was walking, the light was green, I’m driving and pressing the horn, pressing the horn beep beep, it was either I was going to die and crash into a pole. When it came down to it accidents happen.”

Fitts seemed unconcerned about killing the man, explaining that he’s not a killer and didn’t do it on purpose. He told the reporters: “Right now, I’m not worried about nothing, I’m not a stone cold killer. I didn’t do nothing on purpose. People hit and run people all the time, it just happened to be an unfortunate situation where I was driving.”

As for driving off after hitting the man, Fitts noted: “I was scared and worried because I didn’t know what can happen, that’s why I left I said, ‘God forbid, I hope he’s OK.’”

He continued: “I’m a real gangster… I’m a real gangster not in a bad way I’m a gangster because I help out the community and I look out for the youth. I know that’s why everybody got my back, my family. I’m not scared. it is what it is.”

A witness said the car accident was horrific, telling WFXT-TV: “I heard a loud bang then I saw a person in the air. [The victim] had a pool of blood around his head. There was a registered nurse there and she had been working for 20 years. They were checking his pulse and checking his vitals and nothing.”

Fitts will be charged with motor vehicle homicide and leaving the scene of an accident after causing death.

Among the many people who weighed in with comments on the Daily Mail’s coverage of this story were those who couldn’t understand why this man seemed to be bragging to the news reporter, with comments including: “I understand accidents happen but he couldn’t even apologize for taking another man’s life. Most people would be devastated. He is a sociopath that deserves serious prison time” and “He’s sitting there acting like it’s no big thing. That people get hit by traffic. That there’s nothing that we can do.”