Once We Got Closer To The Pool Of Red In The Ocean, We Realized The Horrific Situation In Front Of Us : AWM

Once We Got Closer To The Pool Of Red In The Ocean, We Realized The Horrific Situation In Front Of Us

The ocean waters of the Atlantic are not always safe in late summer. While great white sharks are known for haunting the shores of Southern states, Massachusetts’s residents have been put on guard after a recent shark attack. And the video below also shows just how dangerous the waters beyond Massachusetts’s famed vacation destination, Cape Code, can be while more and more great white sharks migrate north thanks to climate change.

The video included at the bottom is not the faint of heart. It contains graphic footage and a violent scene that could turn a sensitive viewer’s stomach. The clip was posted on the social media account of Atlantic White Shark Conservancy in Massachusetts. And you can watch as the research vessel, from where the clip was captured, as it tracks the habits of one great white shark off the coast of Cape Cod.

The footage has gained notoriety because the shark is going to town on a seal. You’ll see the moment it attacks the seal and bites into its flesh. After the great shark’s initial bite, a cloud of red blood spreads into the ocean water turning it crimson with the release of its life.

The vessel was following a great white shark until it turned around and started charging the research ship.

“Coming at us,” the crewmember shouts. But the shark is not after the humans on the ship. Moments later, it becomes clear that the animal has a seal in its sights.

“Look at his head! He’s got something in his mouth! He’s got a seal!” another crewmember shouted.

Then the shark emerges from the water for a brief moment. And when it submerges back in the water, it tears into the flesh of the seal resulting in a massive loss of blood for the water mammal. Without any sign of slowing down, the shark continues to tear into the creature and drag the animal through the water. Blood continues to hemorrhage and the color of the water changes in a matter of moments.

The clip from the research vessel concludes with drone footage showing the shark attack from the sky. The kill is as brutal up there as it is from the crewmember’s perspective.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy first shared the footage on YouTube where it has amassed more than 66,000 views in a short period of time. The footage also went viral on Facebook where people shared it with their friends and family.

In recent years, it is not a surprise that more great white sharks are coming into the waters around Cape Cod. As the grey seal population has exploded off the Cape, it has attracted more predators looking to satiate themselves. The seal population was nearly extinct back in 1972. Conservation efforts urged Congress to pass legislation that prevented the capture and killing of seals, whales, dolphins, and other such sea mammals. Now there were about 30,000 to 50,000 seals off the waters of Massachusetts, experts estimate according to NPR.

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