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Once We Realized What This Cobra Was About To Do, We Made Sure To Get It On Video

Snakes are strange creatures. They don’t have legs or arms. But many are deadly with just one bite. Those who are afraid of snakes are defensible in their fear. They are scary creatures that not only can be deadly but also are creepy looking. So if you’re one of the many who has a fear of snakes, this video might not be for you, but if you’re curious enough to watch a cobra give birth to twenty-three eggs at once, you’ll want to tune in.

For those able to stomach the clip, the video is mind-blowing. It all started when Prakash Swain woke up and found a cobra in his home. He lives in Bhubaneswar, which is in Odisha in eastern India.

Swain knew right away to avoid the cobra. These snakes are venomous and can kill. They also are very agile with an ability to climb trees and swim distances. They grow to be about six-feet long, so they look rather terrifying too. If you woke up and found a cobra in your home, it would be hard to remain calm. Swain did a great job taking deep breaths and dealing with the snake the best way he knew how – by calling a professional snake catcher.

Because the snake was trapped in Swain’s storeroom, he could close the door and wait for the professional to arrive. Purnchandra Das was the man who arrived to catch the cobra. He managed to snatch it up and place it in a bag for removal. But shortly after he caught the cobra, he noticed it going through quite an ordeal. The snake had laid three eggs in the bag before Das even realized what it was going through. Little did he know but that snake was pregnant to bursting.

Although Das is an expert snake catcher, he had never dealt with a mother cobra like this before. He needed help. He called the Snake Helpline, which is a non-profit organization that helps rescue and conserve snakes. The non-profit helped Das and guided him through what needed to be done. He placed the snake in a ventilated cage with newspaper laid out across the bottom.

As he watched, the snake continued to lay egg after egg. Besides the three that she laid in the bag after he removed her from Swain’s home, the cobra laid an additional twenty eggs. That means there are 23 baby cobras growing in those things.

Shubhendu Malik is the General Secretary of Snake Helpline and was mesmerized by the sight.

“It is not a typical sight when we see a cobra laying eggs,” Malik said. “For any snake enthusiast and conservationist, it is an exciting moment, so we filmed it in a mobile camera.”

The footage, which is included below, has garnered a lot of attention online.

Malik and his team will keep the eggs safe.

“We will keep the eggs in artificial incubation for up to 60 days. That is how long snake eggs typically take to hatch. After that, the hatchlings will be released back into the wild.”

What do you think about the footage?