One City Has Decided To Paint Its Streets With White, But Critics Say It’s A Waste Of Taxpayer Money : AWM

One City Has Decided To Paint Its Streets With White, But Critics Say It’s A Waste Of Taxpayer Money

City officials in Los Angeles, California are desperate to reverse the effects climate change has had on America’s west. Severe drought has plagued the California metropolis for years, and climate change may be to blame. That’s why city officials want to do whatever they can to mitigate the negative effects. One strategy is to help reduce the temperatures coming from the city. So they have decided to paint the streets white to reduce the heat being absorbed into the asphalt.

The product the town has been slathering across the roadways is called CoolSeal. And it is a “water-based asphalt emulsion seal coat designed to reduce surface temperatures and help mitigate heat islands.” Los Angeles hopes it will reduce temperatures, which is an important need given that the summer of 2016 was the hottest ever on record. But it wasn’t just hot for LA. It was the hottest year ever recorded for the entire planet.

Although naysayers claim that painting the streets white is a waste of taxpayer money, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti believes that the project will have untold benefits. And he doesn’t plan to change the color of the streets overnight. He said the expensive project would be executed over a twenty-year period.

And the strategy really could work. Mayor Garcetti claims the white streets will reduce “the average temperature in the metropolis by 3 degrees.”

But taxpayers will be shelling out a fortune to make it happen. CoolSeal would cost the city as much as $40,000 per mile of roadway. And as everyone knows, Los Angeles has a lot of roads.

Rising temperatures are expected to keep on coming. And they are supposed to be getting so high, people’s health will soon be at risk. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke and heat-related fatalities could continue to rise in the Los Angeles area as well as another hot place across the United States.

Los Angeles did not come up with the idea of changing the pavement. The idea has been around for years, but it has never been attempted on such a large scale as what Mayor Garcetti is proposing.

Do you think more cities should paint their roads white, or is this a waste of taxpayer money??