One Year Ago She Decided To Not Allow Muslims In Her Business. This Is How She’s Doing Today : AWM

One Year Ago She Decided To Not Allow Muslims In Her Business. This Is How She’s Doing Today

Jan Morgan operates the Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range in Arkansas. And last September she made a controversial decision that is still affecting her business. She decided to prohibit customers from accessing her gun range based on their religion. If she deemed a customer to be a Muslim, they would not be allowed into her shop, and thus her location became a “Muslim-free zone” as she called it.

After she publicized her decision to ban Muslims at her gun range, she received copious complaints about discrimination. Despite her discrimination against Muslims, she has not been charged with any crimes and the gun range is still operating.

The Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) sent Morgan a complaint about how her banning of Muslims was an act of illegal discrimination. Despite their complaint, Morgan still prevents Muslims from entering her gun range and shooting the targets. Although it is unclear how she knows who is a Muslim and who is not.

Morgan made viral headlines when she first advertised her “Muslim-free zone” at the gun range. But after posting a rant on Facebook this past Wednesday, her business has gained attention once more.

“Geeze,” she started. “I hate to have to embarrass the liberal mainstream media again, but a girls (sic) got do.”

In the post, Morgan shared a photo of South Asian shooters accessing her gun range. She had been accused of turning away anyone who had brown skin – apparently, that was how she was deciding who was Muslim or not – and she wanted to show the “mainstream media” that they were wrong.

A father and son came to Morgan’s gun range for some target practice. But when she saw they were brown skin and looked to be Middle Eastern, she refused them service. However, this father and son were not Muslims at all. They practice the ancient Indian religion of Hinduism. Although Morgan did admit she forced the men from her gun range, she told The Post that it was not because of their brown skin or religion but because they exhibited “strange” behavior.

Morgan claims not to use skin color as the discriminating factor. Instead, she says she decides who is Muslim or not based on their names. And she is willing to defend her policy all the way to the Supreme Court if she must. She believes that Islam is a religion that urges followers to kill non-followers. And because that is what she believes, she does not want to give a gun to “someone who aligns himself” with such a religion.

“We are dealing with lethal firearms,” Morgan explained. “I’m not going to let a Nazi shoot in here or a Ku Klux Klan member in here, either.”

Although Morgan has faced a lot of hatred from people who see her practice as open discrimination, Morgan claims her business is booming. She also claimed that she would not hesitate to ban other religions from her gun range if she saw them as threatening.

What do you think about her policy of refusing Muslims service?