OnlyFans is a subscription platform that allows models to charge customers a pretty penny to view racy images and nude photos. For the thousands of OnlyFans models who make a living on the platform, they don’t like it when people tell them to stop. That’s what happened to OnlyFans model Naomi Tibbles when she showed up at a bar one night wearing a skimpy outfit, and a person on staff told her to ‘cover herself” or leave.

The model had since come forward in a TikTok video to show off her racy outfit and explain how she was told off by a bar worker when she showed up in it.

“I’m there for about 15-20 minutes before security came up and had a talk to me,” she said in a TikiTok video. “I knew that they were talking about me because they kept watching me and radioing to each other, and it was real suss [sic].”

She added, “Turns out he wants to have a talk about what I’m wearing. The first thing the security guard says to me is like, ‘We have a dress code here.’”

The beautiful model was shocked when the bar dress-coded her for wearing a skimpy outfit. She forgot that some establishments do enforce a dress code, and the whole world is not an OnlyFans account. She turned the camera upon herself to record a “rant” about the dress code incident after the self-proclaimed “sensual goddess” was told to cover up during a recent visit to a bar during a mental health day.

Tibbetts was immediately confronted about her outfit when she arrived at the bar. The security guard on duty asked her if she had anything additional to wear to “cover herself,” which she did not. The OnlyFans model was shocked by the statement because she was going to the bar, not the restaurant, and thought that her outfit should have been considered acceptable in a bar setting. While families were eating in the restaurant, only adults were at the bar.

“I’m sitting in the bar where there are no children allowed, [in] which the only two children that I can see are all the way on the other end of the f***ing restaurant, which I’m not in,” Tibbles said.

The OnlyFans model put on a straw cowboy hat to try to appease the security guard. Unfortunately, that was not enough for the security guard, and she had to go to another place to get a drink since she was not in compliance with the establishment’s dress code, which was quite strict.

Tibbetts arrived at the bar because she had just gone for a walk in the heat and wanted to drink a watermelon spritz. She was looking for an easy way to relax after a busy day and wanted nothing more than to cool off at the bar with a refreshing beverage in hand.

Do you think this OnlyFans model was wearing an inappropriate outfit for a bar?

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