Orphan Climbs In A Taxi And Has To Do A Double Take When He Hands Her This Photo : AWM

Orphan Climbs In A Taxi And Has To Do A Double Take When He Hands Her This Photo

Parenting has been called a lot of different things, but the word easy rarely comes to mind. There are all sorts of decisions, concerns and responsibility involved in raising another human being into a decent person. Even the best parents can lose their child in a mall, or punish their child a little to much. But as a parent, one mistake can be all it takes for something horrible to happen.

Wang Mingquing’s daughter was just three years old when she went missing one day during a routine fruit shopping trip. Him and his wife hadn’t even left the house on their little excursion when they noticed that their little daughter was nowhere to be found.

They instantly called the authorities and everyone they knew to organize a search party. The area was scoured for hours, which quickly turned into days, then weeks. Despite a clear lack of evidence or motive, Wang never gave up his hope that someday his daughter would return home.

The taxi cab driver came up with a way to search for his daughter while he was working. He printing out signs to place on the back of his cab so anybody following him during his many trips per day would see the sign.

Wang also printed out cards to give to riders in his cab with his daughter’s face and their contact information. He knew that these cases can sometimes be solved through a miracle of chance and he was going to try his best.

Sadly the pictures quickly went out of date, and his passengers became annoyed by his often-repeated story. Some people really wanted to help him find her, but no leads turned up.

One miraculous day 24 years later, a familiar-looking woman entered his cab. Wang repeated his schtick for her, and she informed him that she actually had no idea who her parents were. She took a quick look at the photo he handed her and knew it looked just like she did when she was a young girl. She decided to get a DNA test done just in case.

Wang could not have been happier when the test turned out positive. This woman, known as Kang, was his daughter! After all those years, all it took was a stroke of luck for them to be reunited once more.

“I can’t tell you how much ope, disappointment, and despair we have gone through these past 24 years. Now we can finally meet again,” he said according to Parenting Isn’t Easy.

Turns out that she had been adopted by a family nearby and was very close to home the entire time. Wang was confused as to how they never found her, but the details around her disappearance haven’t been released yet.

Once the police reveal exactly how this child went missing with a nearby adopted family, we will know more about this strange case. Until then, all we can do is speculate. Perhaps something happened that hasn’t been revealed yet, but right now it looks rather suspicious from the outside.

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