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Our Dog Wouldn’t Stop Acting Strange. When The Vet Pulled This From Its Nose We Understood Why

While taking a delightful walk with his owner, Thor, a five-year-old Belgian shepherd, started to run. He loved smelling everything around him and feeling the wind rush through his fur. But he quickly found himself in a bad place when he tripped and went crashing to the ground. As it turned out, a stick, measuring 10 cm or about 5 inches, stabbed right into Thor’s snout, up his nostril, getting lodged there.

Thor’s owner knew better than to try to pull the stick out of the dog’s nose. He didn’t want to cause more damage trying to remove the stick accidentally. Instead, he figured that Thor had best go to the vet’s office as quickly as possible and have an expert examine the accident to make sure no permanent damage had been done.

Before the visit to the vet, Thor tried as hard as it could to get the painful stick out of his nose. He sneezed again and again, and soon blood came spewing from its nose. It’s not hard to see why it was so hard to get the stick out of his nostril.

Although the owner realized that a stick got up the dog’s nose during their walk through the woods of Croatia, he didn’t bother to think much about it because Thor did not exhibit any serious symptoms until later. That’s when Thor began sneezing blood, and it was determined that a visit to the vet was indeed necessary.

The animal doctor sedated Thor and then used a tool to extract the wooden stick from his nose slowly.

Although the dog owner knew that a stick was up there, he had no clue that it was as long as it was. Both he and Dr. Zarko Ciric in Zagreb were shocked when they saw what was up the pooch’s nostril.

Readers of Daily Mail were quick to contribute dozens of comments about the incident. They shared mixed reviews of the events because some thought Thor meant to get the smelly stick jammed up his nose. Others saw it as a clear accident.

Below are some of the comments.

“I’d wager it was no accident,” wrote one viewer from California.

“That dog is not being held still. It’s fully anesthetized and out like a light.”

Some people simply expressed their wishes that the dog feels better.

“Aw, poor pupper. Get well soon!”

“Looks like a pencil,” one person wrote concerning the long stick. And as you watch the video of the extraction, you’ll probably agree with this assessment.

“Thankfully, he had responsible owners.”

One person opened up about their crazy cat story and how a stick got stuck in an orifice.

“We had something similar with our cat. Except he had it coming out his rear end. Stick was about 25 cm long. He was fine. Must have fallen from a tree and landed in a very unfortunate manner.”

Thankfully this Belgian shepherd will make a full recovery, and the stick did not cause any lasting damage.

What do you make of this accident?

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