Our Drone Showed Us A Plane In The Middle Of The Woods. We Went To Look And Found Him Living Inside : AWM

Our Drone Showed Us A Plane In The Middle Of The Woods. We Went To Look And Found Him Living Inside

There are as many ways to live as there is the number of people on the planet. Everyone has something unique about their lifestyle. But while the vast majority of people participate in normal society, live in a house and go to work every day, some people live outside of those parameters. It isn’t easy to do, but once they go off the grid, they report loving it.

There is a new level of freedom to living life on your terms without anyone telling you what you must do or what you must pay for. But one man has devised a retirement home that is fit for an airplane aficionado. And when you see where he’s been living, you’ll want to go inside!

A former airline engineer spent $220,000 to buy an old Boeing 727. But instead of taking it into the air, he planted it into the Oregon forest and made it into his dream bachelor pad. And he doesn’t care that it is rough living. He loves it.

Bruce Campbell began living his dream back in 2003 when he purchased a decommissioned 727-400 from Boeing for $220,000. He had the company transport the plane from Greece, where he bought it, to his ideal place of retirement in the woods outside Portland, Oregon. It now sits on a wooded sprawl of ten acres.

Campbell has never known the blessing of marriage or a family. So he sleeps on the futon and offers tours to curious people who want to see what it would be like to live on one’s own in an aircraft in the middle of the Oregon woods.

People stop in for a visit at all times of the day, even when Campbell is in the shower. But he doesn’t care. He likes sharing his life.

He’s 68 years young and loves his 1,066 square foot plane. The aircraft was once responsible for transporting Aristotle Onassis’s body while he was accompanied by his widow Jackie Kennedy Onassis and other family members. He was buried in Greece where the plane remained.

Now Campbell gets to sleep in the same space. And he loves it, calling it an “exhilarating aerospace quality living area.”

But the average person would probably find his mode of life slightly uncomfortable.

“I’m an engineer, and I deferred purchasing a home until quite late in life primarily because I was very comfortable in my very humble situation and I was building equity. I never wanted to have a mortgage because it felt financially confining. By the time I was ready to purchase a home with cash, I had stopped thinking in provincial terms, and I had thought as a free bird engineer.”

From there he used his expertise to find his ideal home. And the answer was right in front of him all along.

“Basically, I just looked at it as a materials technology and fabrications technology shopping challenge. I wanted the best technology that I could buy, and I could see nothing better than aerospace technology.”

Now Campbell lives on a plane. Would you move in with him?