A TikTok user has turned to the video to explain how her neighbor called the police on her because of an outfit she was wearing. Although the person who uploaded the now-viral video assured her fans that she was fully dressed, she claims that the neighbor found the outfit offensive and reported it to the police in an effort to get her in trouble with the law.

“Yesterday, my neighbor called the cops on me for dressing ‘inappropriately,’” the TikTok user captioned her video. She posts content on TikTok using her user name Rovi_Wade. Police officers are not shown on camera, but voices (perhaps belonging to the cops) can be heard just out of the camera’s shot.

The young woman speaks in the video, saying: “I am fully dressed. She just doesn’t like my style. I told her, ‘My body offends you, that’s what the issue is.’”

The TikTok user appears to be wearing a top with a spiked collar and spaghetti straps. The setting of the video is outdoors, but it is not clear if the TikTok user is in a private yard area or a public space. In a follow-up video, Rovi_Wade explains that her offensive outfit was a crop top with denim shorts.

“I’m allowed to exist and be hot,” she said in the second video. “I’m going to continue to do so. I don’t know what she expects you to do.”

Because Rovi_Wade said on camera that her neighbor has to just allow her to “exist and be hot,” many TikTok users gravitated toward her, with one calling her a “global icon” in the self-esteem space.

However, most TikTok users agreed that they found it absurd that the neighbor would dial 911 because of the woman’s crop-top outfit.

“That woman needs to be charged,” one person wrote in reference to the neighbor who called the cops. “God knows how many she’s endangered.”

“I genuinely want to know what she thought the cops were gonna do,” one user commented.

“She just (doesn’t) like that her man is looking over at you,” another person suggested.

Another wrote, “She’s probably mad her husband is checking you out.”

“The police?! The police for dressing differently?” wrote another.

“What did she expect the cops to do? ‘Dress code’ you? This isn’t school.”

“Too bad for her. Tell her to look somewhere else.”

“She was probably attracted to you and got scared,” another user suggested.

“I want to know how she reacted after you spoke to the cop.”

One person suggested that the TikTok user could not have responded better to the outrageous situation: “Perfect, OMFG. That is the best response you could have given.”

In response to all of the support, Rovi_Wade replied, “I’m absolutely overwhelmed with all the love and support! I’m at work, but I will be posting an outfit reveal and a storytime tomorrow.”

Do you think this woman should have been reported to the police for wearing an outfit that made her look “hot?” What do you think about this desperate cry for help?

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