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Owner Compliments Dog On His “Handsome” Looks. Dog’s Reaction Is Going Viral

Is there anything cuter than a tiny puppy? How about a tiny puppy in an adorable little bandana? Yep, that’s some next level cuteness. When a dog owner took to YouTube to show off his pride and joy’s new look, the little dog seemed a bit taken aback by his human’s compliments. Rather than pose and looked distinguished, the puppy gave his owner some playful “oh gosh, who me?” kind of reactions.

The YouTube description explains: “This adorable little puppy looks even more handsome than normal in his bandana, and his owner likes to remind him of this. However, the puppy hasn’t quite learned how to graciously accept a compliment and barks every time he hears it.”

His dad sits on the floor in front of him, with the white puppy sporting a crisp, red bandana behind him on the couch, as he asks the pooch: “Hey, how do you like your bandana? You like it?”

The little guy gives his owner a look and some kisses before sitting down and letting out a tiny bark. Dad continues, “It’s pretty nice. You look handsome.” The puppy gives out some more barks, like, “oh, go on…” and then nibbles at his owner, who grimaces, saying “ow.”

The human continues, saying, “I still think you look handsome” and then asks again, “how do you like your bandana?”

The puppy sits down and looks a bit overcome by all of the flattery, as dad lays even more compliments on him, saying, “You look super handsome.” The puppy rears up a bit with a paw as if to tell him, “stop with the flattery already.”

Dad finally ends the conversation, saying, “Yeah, I agree,” and when the pup gives a funny sniffle, his owner wrinkles up his nose and says “ugh.”

The dog gets in one final louder bark and is back to nibbling on dad’s ear when the video cuts off.

This tiny snippet won over the internet and went viral in a heartbeat and it’s no surprise. There’s a lot of cute in that little package!

Among the many comments left on the video were those who thought both the puppy and the owner were looking pretty handsome. One person commented on their fun chemistry, noting: “Puppy and daddy are soooo cute together, I love frenchies soo much. Clearly there is love between these two.”

Another commenter remarked about the funny noise the puppy made, noting: “such a cute puppy! I love his personality. My boyfriend’s puppy makes the same air sound with his nose when he doesn’t like something we tell him.”

One commenter added: “Both are wonderfully cute, but the little guy tops the chart with that little bark and paw action.”

It turns out the guy in the video is Sean Sarantos, who originally posted this clip on YouTube, with the description: “Lol it’s obvious he knows his swag level is over 9000.” He also shared the pooch’s Instagram account, @stinkylinkythefrenchie.

Check out Sean’s YouTube channel for even more cute dog videos!

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