Owner Picks Up Dog At The Vet Only To Get A Reaction That’s Going Viral : AWM

Owner Picks Up Dog At The Vet Only To Get A Reaction That’s Going Viral

Dogs are man’s best friend for a very simple reason. They’re an absolute delight to be around. Not only do they shower us with their affection – no matter how terrible our mood maybe – they are also fiercely loyal and willing to defend us to the end. But dogs also have a rather amusing sense of humor, whether it is intended or not, and in the video below, you’ll watch as one dog proves it can give its owner a run for the money after it was taken to the vet against its will.

In the image included here, you’ll see how the dog looked at its owner when it was taken to the vet. No dog likes going to the vet because that’s the place they get shots and various other unpleasant procedures completed. And while we don’t know how long this particular dog had to spend at the veterinarian clinic, it is obvious from just a glance at its face, that any visit is too long.

The image is so funny because the emotional gradient of the dog’s face continues to shift from moment to moment. It’s clearly very concerning that the owner has brought it to the vet and it thought it made it abundantly clear that it was the last place it wanted to go. Why didn’t the owner just listen to it and take it somewhere else – like the park or the beach?

Although the dog made a lot of funny faces that day at the vet, it was one in particular that sent it from funny to a viral sensation. Can you guess what expression it was? Well here you go – it was the sarcastic side-eye. That’s right. This dog knew how to dig it into its owner by letting them know that it resented them for leaving it at the vet.

If you have to take your dog to the vet, there are a few tricks you can use to help keep it calm.

First, you should give your dog some exercise before taking him or her to the vet. Take the pooch out for a long walk or go to the park and throw the ball around. Not only will this make the animal a lot more relaxed – physical exertion has that positive effect – it shows him or her that you still love them. That’s important because dogs don’t want to feel like you’re abandoning them at the vet.

Another tip to help make the visit to the vet as seamless as possible is to take your dog in a carrier if you can. If the pooch is small enough, a carrier can help keep them relaxed, especially in the busy waiting area.

The same goes for any dog in the waiting area. Talk to them in soothing tones, so they know you’re there with them as you wait to be taken into the examination room.

Either way, you’re going to love watching this video below because this dog makes some silly faces after its visit to the vet.

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