Owner Plays Dead In Front Of Tiny Puppy, Little Guy’s Response Is Setting The Internet On Fire : AWM

Owner Plays Dead In Front Of Tiny Puppy, Little Guy’s Response Is Setting The Internet On Fire

Is there anything better than a tiny playful puppy? Not really. Case in point: this adorable video of a little black-and-white Shih Tzu puppy coming face to face with a human who gets down at his level to play. This interaction is sure to melt even the coldest hearts. We dare you not to smile. The puppy’s whole body wags and wiggles, as he squirms and playfully pounces on the man, showering him with doggie kisses.

It’s the sweetest exchange ever, with the man giving pets and tickles and the little pooch showing no sign of slowing down.

Shih Tzus are known for their playfulness and puppy-like personality and, like most dogs, love their owners unconditionally.

This video which can be seen below has gotten millions of views over the years and with good reason because most everyone gets an immense amount of joy out of viewing it.

Those who offered comments on the YouTube video were clearly won over, with notes such as: “Such a beautiful video, never fails to make me feel happy,” “after watching this video I have to have a shih tzu,” “Most adorable video in a long time!! hope u guys remain happy always!!” and “So cute!!!!”

Other people left comments including: “this video made me smile for 3 minutes!,” “The most beautiful thing I’ve never seen,” “Made me smile and laugh the whole way through!” and “That kind of LOVE warms your heart. Shih Tzu are amazing pets.”

Another viewer was clearly a huge fan, writing: “IMO, this is the cutest puppy videos of all time. The adorable pup, the sweet man, the tender music.”

Another person noted how, if they had this little bundle of energy, they might never get anything done, commenting: “I’d never do any work anymore if it was my puppy, I’d play 24/7 with it.”

Others agreed that this is truly the best breed, with one person noting: “this vid is the reason I have 2 shih tzus now. They are my best friends.”

Another commenter was reminded of their own tiny loveable dog, writing: “This reminds me of our 1-pound (at 2 months old!) red & white chihuahua Patty when she joined our family back in 2008. She loved to play, just like this little Shih-Tzu. I’d come home from a hard day working on cars, and she’d come running, that tiny tail wagging like crazy, standing on her hind legs waving her paws, my cue to come on down to where she was and play-fight. Every time, the first thing she’d do was investigate the contents of my pockets; she’d stick her head in, knowing my bandana was there, grab it in her teeth to pull it out of my pocket and run away with it, shaking it like she was a terrier. Still does it today and she’ll be 8 years old (and 6 pounds) in 2 weeks. A very nice video, thanks very much for posting it.”

Another commenter noted: “This man with his little puppy really cheered me up and brought a smile to my face. Ah, the innocence of puppyhood when you’re loved and protected by a big, kind human like this.”