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Paralyzed Dog Found Face Down With Bag Next To It, Then People See What’s In The Bag

In a despicable act of animal cruelty, Lunita the dog was dumped on the street after being paralyzed. She was left with a bag of diapers and a wheelchair as if this was going to help her get around. The poor dog had been paralyzed and needed the wheelchair, which was in horrendous condition, to get around. She also used diapers because of her inability to go to the bathroom like other dogs.

However, her previous owners abandoned her on the streets of Salta, Argentina with nothing but these diapers and the wheelchair. They wanted to be done with her as if they were unable to handle her situation which required a little more support than an average dog. They tied her to a railing near a dog grooming shop, hoping that would be enough to get her through to the next day.

Lunita had no hope unless someone came by and tried to help her onto the next day. She needed love, not to be abandoned in the sweltering South American heat. She was in terrible spirits because she knew that her owners abandoned her. A good Samaritan saw her and acted fast. That person with a good heart called the rescue organization LUBA Salta, and they rushed to the scene to help.

From the beginning, they got her medical attention. They confirmed that she was paralyzed and needed some help. However, they wanted to be sure that she would eventually find a forever home. They wanted someone to take her in so Lunita could get the good care she deserved.

Although Lunita lived in Argentina, her story made it through various online channels and eventually reached a generous family in the United States.

They found her story so touching that they reached out to make sure that Lunita got the love and affection she deserved. Unfortunately, that family was not the right fit for the lovable dog, they found that they just would not have proper accommodations to make sure Lunita was safe and happy while with them. They realized they wouldn’t be able to do it. Then Lunita got a staph infection because she was sleeping in a mite-infested bed.

Not only was she paralyzed, but she was also now at risk of dying from a staph infection. But when she healed from that, she was contacted by another potential forever family in the United States. They loved her and knew exactly what to do to take care of Lunita. They had the space, they had the patience, they had the experience. They were the perfect home for the abused and neglected dog. They would shower her with love.

Within a matter of days, Lunita was healed and having a wonderful time in her new home. It had been so long since she got so much love and that went a long way to making her heal and be better than she ever was before. While she was still paralyzed, her new family treated her with respect and showered her in affection.

Her new life in the United States was better.

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