Parents Demand Harsher Punishment For Teacher After Disturbing Footage With Students Leaked : AWM

Parents Demand Harsher Punishment For Teacher After Disturbing Footage With Students Leaked

Teachers have to deal with a lot. Unruly students, work outside of their designated teaching hours, and of course, constantly staying updated on their education. But, regardless of the stress involved in their job, teachers should never put their hands on students, unless the situation absolutely calls for it. In a recent incident at Western Guilford Middle School in Greensboro, North Carolina, a substitute teacher was seen on film body slamming a student.

While it’s difficult to tell how the entire exchange unfolded, the end result is evident as the teacher, Paul A. Stennett, can be seen throwing the boy’s body to the floor as several other students gather around screaming.

Following the incident, the student, Jose Escudero was suspended from the school for seven days.

Escudero’s very disgruntled mother, shared the video on Facebook, alongside the following plea for justice…

“The day February 14, 2018, my son was hit by his substitute in the WESTERN GUILFORD MIDDLE SCHOOL in Greensboro NC. For this fact, my son was suspended for 7 days. PLEASE, I’M ASKING FOR JUSTICE.”

According to Escudero’s family, the altercation started after Stennett took a box of chocolates from the student, and placed them in the sink. The pre-teen then waited until the class period was almost over and he retrieved the chocolates and put them in his backpack. Allegedly, Stennett tried to take the box of chocolates from the student, which is when things got physical and he grabbed the pre-teen’s shirt, aggressively pressed his body against the classroom wall and raised him up and off the ground, tossing him over his shoulder and throwing him to the ground.

The video, which is only five seconds long, only captures the student being thrown to the ground and there is no proof of what happened leading up to the body toss. Considering the student is in the air at the beginning of the clip, it’s hard to tell what exactly started the confrontation.

Western Guilford Middle School shared the following statement regarding the incident…

“This kind of behavior toward a student is disturbing and unacceptable. We reported the behavior to law enforcement and will no longer employ this person as a substitute teacher or in any other GCS position.”

As far as the Escudero family, they plan to take legal action against the school and the teacher.

“The video does not capture the entire incident,’ Susan Danielsen, Public Information Officer for the Greensboro Police Department said. “We are still interviewing people so it would be premature to place any charges at this time. At this point, no one has been charged.”

Paul A. Stennett is 43-years-old and recently began his career with the district on December 19th.

Several commenters didn’t buy the fact that the video was shown only after the teacher made contact with the student…

“How convenient that the video starts when the teacher is taking down the student… like we are going to believe he did it for sport or something. Why can’t we see what led up to this? I bet the student attacked the teacher and he defended himself.”

“From one of the photos, it looks like the kid could have jumped on the teacher’s back. If so, what else could the guy have done? But we don’t know what happened, do we?”

And others sided with the boy, sharing their belief that a teacher should never make contact with a student.