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Parents Shocked To See Video Of What Happens When They Leave Their Teen Home Alone

Because Lourdes and her husband love to get away, they decided to spend Veteran’s Day weekend on vacation. Because the holiday coincided with Lourdes’s husband’s birthday, the pair decided that they’d get away and do some volunteering to support veterans and their families. But they had one problem. What should they do with their teenage daughter, Ariana? Could they trust her home alone for five hours while they were out celebrating Lourdes’s husband’s birthday and doing good in the world?

They decided to take the risk. Although they’d never left Ariana, 14, home alone before, they figured that this was as good a time as any. Besides, they’d only be gone for about five hours. Could she destroy the house or throw a party in that amount of time? They weren’t eager to find out because Ariana is quite efficient and creative, two qualities that can be troublesome for parents of teenagers eager to break away and assert their independence.

However, Ariana wanted the evening alone. She promised her parents she’d be good and that the house would not burn down while they were out. She decided to encourage her parents to go out, celebrate her father’s birthday, who was a Marine, and not come home too early. She convinced them to trust her to go have a night out while she held down the fort.

After their volunteering, Lourdes took her military husband out to dinner. That’s when she sent Ariana a text message to see if things were going okay at home.

While Lourdes assumed that Ariana would send a quick message back, something like “fine” or “I’m OK,” what they got back instead completely took them by surprise. Their daughter had orchestrated an entire creative response that left them in stitches.

Because Ariana wanted to make the most of her newfound freedom, she wasted no time getting to work. Because she’d wanted to be home alone ever since she was a young child, when the chance finally dropped into her lap, she didn’t know how to handle it. She lost her cool, and she started celebrating in a way that left everyone around the world laughing out loud.

Because Ariana had convinced her parents not to rush home following the Veteran’s Day volunteering event, she knew she had the run of the house for several more hours. That meant she was going to make the most of it no matter what.

While Ariana did not want to send her father into a rage, especially not on his birthday, she did not break any rules or break any objects in the house. She relaxed and enjoyed some time in her room. This was her chance to prove her maturity so she’d be able to break the rules next time or the time after that.

That’s why she decided to throw a party for one. If it was too risky to invite her entire class over to party while her parents were away, she’d throw one for herself and have a blast doing it.

Check out the video below!

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