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Parents Thought They Raised Their Teenage Girls Right, But Then He Asks Them To Meet

No matter how hard parents work to keep their children safe, they cannot protect them from everything. And with the proliferation of the internet, children and teens can easily be talking with strangers at any moment and at any time of the day. Social media accounts make it easier than ever for predators to track down victims and lure them into dangerous situations. Because a predator could use a fake image and pretend to be someone else, victims often do not know who they are meeting when they agree to go to a public place.

If they do go, then they can fall into the webs of a spider who has ill intentions to abuse, molest or worse. So when parents learned that their daughters agreed to meet a stranger they met on the internet, they were horrified.

One man decided to run a social experiment. He created a profile online and then set out to lure teenage girls into dangerous situations. Thankfully, he was not really trying to victimize these teens. Instead, he wanted to spread awareness about how easy it is for predators to get teens to leave the safety of their homes and venture out to the dangerous parts of town.

In the footage obtained by Inside Edition, you’ll watch as a man plays the role of a predator to lure the young girls out to his trap.

The girls’ parents never suspected that their girls would have fallen into such a trap. They believed they had raised them right and to know how to spot a predator. But apparently, it was easy enough for the actor to trap their girls and lure them out of their home and into the white van.

Viewers on YouTube shared their horror about this situation.

“The girl that got in the van needs to think before she does something.”

“Really just get into the white van with someone you don’t know,” another viewer added sarcastically.

One teen came forward to express how they would never fall prey to a predator like this and shamed the girls in the clip.

“I’m fourteen, not a dumb***. What is wrong with these girls? In their defense, this (video) was made in 2015, which was before common sense was invented.”

Although it is easy to point the finger of blame on these teens, situations like this happen frequently. The predators are practiced and know what to say to make their victims trust them.

Because the man pretending to be a predator had a white van, viewers thought the girls should have known better. Viewers claimed “I call white vans without windows ‘kidnap vans.’”

In the end, viewers all agreed that it is crucial for parents to monitor their children’s social media usage and to teach them about child molesters and sexual predators.

“Nothing like teaching your kids a lesson.”

And some viewers praised the man behind the plan.

“He is doing a good job for good reasons. Maybe he’s not an angel. But we can act like an angel (to light up the) darkness in the world.”