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Passersby See Cop Holding 2-Year-Old And Pointing Far Away, Then They Realize Why

We have a bittersweet story to share with you today that comes out of Brighton, Colorado. It involves a police officer, a mother, and her two-year-old daughter. The police officer was captured in a photo holding the small girl in his arms after tragedy struck the family. You see, the good officer was trying to distract the toddler from the fact that a car accident had just taken the life of her father and almost her three siblings.

During an interview with Peoria Journal Star, which is located in Illinois, the grieving Stephanie Greer said that she was so grateful that the Bright police officer had been there to offer her daughter a modicum of comfort as the family faced the tragedy of what had occurred that day.

The officer’s name was Nick Struck, and Greer described him as a godsend that day. The family had gotten involved in the tragic rollover accident on Interstate 76 back on June 18.

Greer lost her husband, and her three other children were grievously injured. Her other son was on life support, and two other children suffered serious bone fractures. Only the two-year-old girl escaped without serious injury, although she was in shock from the traumatic event.

Struck happened to show up at the scene and took it upon himself to try to comfort the little girl as much as was possible. He even started to distract her from the horrible car accident scene by singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” It worked for a while, which served a source of relief for Greer who was dealing with so much at the time.

Following the accident, Greer and Struck were separated. But she hopes to get back into contact with the Brighton police officer so she can express her gratitude.

“I want to say thanks,” she told the Journal Star.

Greer and her beloved husband Carlos Torres had been moving from Peoria, Illinois to Brighton, Colorado for much better job opportunities. The family’s lives were about to get much better. There was going to be a lot more money and a lot more time to enjoy each other’s company. But then the car accident happened.

Carlos and Stephanie had married back in 2012. They had four children together, including Zayden, 4; Sophia, 3; Sirena, 2; and Cruz, four months. They were a happy family that did not deserve the tragic hand they were dealt.

Greer told the Journal Star that she was behind the wheel when a tire blew out at 9:30 am along Interstate 76. She lost control of the family’s Dodge Durango, which had a semitrailer attached to the back. She tried to turn into the grassy median.

“I eased the brakes slowly,” Greer said. “But we were on three tires. I had no control.”

Torres was in the passenger seat, not wearing his seatbelt. He was thrown from the SUV and died immediately.

When police arrived, Sirena, 2, was removed from her car seat – she was miraculously unhurt. Struck stepped up and took her and began singing to her. He did what he would have wanted to be done to his little girl. It was a father’s instinct. And it helped.

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