People Are Saying What Number 11 Did On Live TV Isn’t Humanly Possible. Look Closely At His Feet : AWM

People Are Saying What Number 11 Did On Live TV Isn’t Humanly Possible. Look Closely At His Feet

Professional athletes are always exciting to watch, but there are certain moves and plays that are simply out of this world. In a recent game there was a showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills. Zay Jones of the Bills is a wide receiver and he made a play that while not successful has the entire world talking. After missing a pass, he appeared to essentially levitate off the ground.

There was a long pass that Jones drove for that ended up being incomplete. He almost seems to pop up in reverse after the play as though gravity does not exist. If you have not yet watched the video, it is one of the most interesting and jaw-dropping give seconds of video that you are going to see.

Many fans who saw the play in action said that it looked almost robotic or like a dance move from the late Michael Jackson. It did not take long for the media to pick up the story and post the video for all the world to see.

It looks so odd and gravity-defying that some people questioned if it was edited. People played the video repeatedly trying to see exactly how he did it. He literally went to the ground and appeared to almost bounce back up without any effort. It is something that is hard to explain with words, so you just have to watch the video to see what all of the awe and hype are about.

Some people on Twitter jokingly said that Jones must be a warlock in order to defy gravity in that way. If you saw the video, you are probably thinking the same thing. Many people are simply in disbelief over how he just popped back up. It looked like someone was playing the play in reverse.

What he did certainly looked almost like magic and a number of fans and sportscasters feel the same way. What he did was miraculous and something that most people will not likely see again unless someone actually does edit a video. According to those who saw the play live, it definitely was not edited. What you see is exactly what happened when he went for the ball and bounced back up.

Jones even got in on the fun and made sure that he shared the video clip on his Twitter with some accompanying commentary. He made the statement that when someone falls down, but God has their back. Since what happened does seem otherworldly, it is not a far cry to bring God into the mix. Some people even Tweeted something similar that God intervened and picked him back up.

While he missed the pass heard around the world, the Bills did go on to win the game 16 to 10. So, a win for the team and some major media coverage for him happened during this game. It is a clip of video that is certainly going to continue to be shared, keeping him in the spotlight for at least the remainder of the week.