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People Assume It’s Just A Run Down Cottage, Quickly Become Jealous With What’s Hidden Inside

When you think of a home renovation project, images of new appliances, granite counter tops, lavish walkways, and more probably spring to mind. Maybe even something built into the side of a mountain or adorned with hardwood from floor to ceiling.

But when you see this 200-year-old stone house in Switzerland, you’ll never believe that it has already been the result of a renovation project. Until you step inside…

While the crumbling stone exterior has given this old abode a hard, rustic, classic feel. The team at Buchner Bründler Architekten has essentially built a home inside a home when they created a brand-new interior shell that taps into the state-of-the-art luxuries we have come to enjoy in our modern world.

Scroll down to take a sneak peek into this amazing old home and see what can be done if the shackles on the imagination are loosed…

From the outside, you’d think the house was about to fall down. You’d walk away and consider it an abandoned cabin in the woods. You might even assume homeless people have started to squat in it and take up residence. Just look how some of the stones are loose and look as if they’re decrepit and crumbling.

But when you step inside, you’re welcomed into a freshly renovated space that includes a natural wood fireplace. The beaming interior will brighten anyone’s day, even if they just trudged miles through the Swiss snow to get to this glorious, centuries-old home.

You can allow sunlight in by folding back the tall wooden shutters. Because the cottage has a lot of open space and a minimalistic, efficient design, you can really turn it into anything you desire. With the right furniture placement and wall hangings, this house could acquire a different personality. It all comes down to your personal tastes and how you want the space to look.

But the way it is decorated now is absolutely stunning. I don’t know if I’d change a thing. For example, the dining setting is simple, yet romantic. I could imagine sitting across from my wife on that table before heading out for a mid-morning hike in the Alps.

And I’ve never seen a bathroom quite like this. It’s certainly not exactly the most welcoming space, it works and is unique. And the bathroom doorway has a medieval air to it or as if it’s from a castle. Plus, this bathtub certainly looks relaxing, and I could spend an entire afternoon reading a book in there.

Being able to see the ancient stone walls from the inside is amazing. They’re so beautiful. I’m grateful they were able to preserve the character of the Swiss cottage.

The architecture team designed the interior of the home around the original structure to keep its historical value – without sacrificing on modern amenities.

After knowing what’s inside, the outside doesn’t look so rickety anymore. Actually, it’s quite a beautiful cottage.

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