People Go To Barber To Have Their Eyeballs Shaved, And He’s Been Doing This For 40 Years (video) : AWM

People Go To Barber To Have Their Eyeballs Shaved, And He’s Been Doing This For 40 Years (video)

Here’s a barber whose skill goes far beyond just trimming hair. Xiong Gaowu is so adept with a razor blade, that he can do a delicate procedure to help improve his customers’ vision. The 62-year-old Chinese barber can shave his patrons’ eyeballs in a five-minute procedure that involves pulling the eyelid back to expose the eyeball then cleansing it by shaving and scraping the surface with a sharp blade.

He’s been doing this for 40 years, first sterilizing the area with an iodine solution before “cleaning” the eyeball and inner eyelid to allow people to see more clearly.

Given the delicate nature of the procedure, Gaowu will only do it on those customers who are over the age of 30.

A comment left on The Mirror‘s coverage of the story summed it up well: “What the hell is wrong with those people, why oh why would you risk your eyesight?”

Those who left comments on The Daily Mail‘s coverage of the story had plenty to say as well, with people generally horrified over the situation, with one person noting: “I feel sick at the thought of someone touching my eyes” and another adding, “You would need to be insane to let someone do this to your eye for no reason.”

Another person asked: “Is this the new ‘earwax candling’ craze? The only person I know who ever tried it ended up with a perforated eardrum. I’d hate to imagine what could go wrong at the salon when they shave your eyeball! Or do we wax eyeballs in the US?”

Still another commenter pointed out that perhaps the procedure isn’t as gross as the reporting would have you belive, noting: “The headline is completely misleading. The eyeballs weren’t shaved, only the eyelids were scraped. This is much less barbaric than some western practices of tattooing eyeballs.”

One commenter explained their experience with this procedure, though it wasn’t performed by a barber:

“I had my eyeballs shaved ‘abraded’ a couple of years ago to remove flaky deposits from a dry-eye condition. It was frightening at the time, but my sight was so much better afterward – it has even put off cataract surgery for a few more years. (This was done by a proper, well-regarded eye doctor).”

One commenter stated the obvious – this hardly seems worth it:

“Just wear glasses dude. This ain’t worth it.”

Many people also weighed in with comments on The Daily Mail‘s Facebook post about the story, with notes such as:

“Maybe didn’t have enough cash for cataracts operation? Probably saved himself a bit of coin with the barber,” “Wth is there for shave?,” “Eww that made me queasy,” and “One slip of the barber’s adroit fingers holding that sharp implement is all it takes to be inflicted with permanent blindness as opposed to improving eyesight.”

One commenter noted that this story completely ruined the internet for them, writing:

“I think I have had enough internet for today because after reading this article, my day is done. I have no words to express about this sad but hilarious article.”