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People Notice Elephant Waiting For Someone, Then Realize Who It Is

What’s the last thing you’d expect to find if you were walking along the road? Perhaps, an elephant? If that answer sounds reasonable to you, then you’re going to be in for a treat when you read this enticing story. As it turns out, a passerby noticed an elephant doing something rather unique with another animal of a different species, and when it was captured on film and uploaded to the internet, it quickly went viral across the globe.

In the video clip, you’ll be blessed to watch an elephant and a dog, two animals of very different species, having the time of their lives together. They’re playing like it is their best dream come true.

Elephants are highly intelligent animals. They have been known to be intelligent for a very long time. They have families and remain loyal to their loved ones. They also know how to have a great time – and are not afraid to let loose and enjoy some fun in the sun.

Dogs are best known for being sociable and charismatic companions. They are also always ready to have fun and get out in the sun and play, play, play. Whether it’s with their human or another dog or another species of animal altogether, they don’t care. They just love to get out there and have fun, run around and play with their friends.

The scene in this video takes place at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. That’s where elderly female elephants get to live out the final years of their lives in relative peace and quiet. Many are rescued from horrible conditions that they were forced to endure for years and years. But at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, these animals get to have fun and enjoy the companions of the other ten elephants and the various other animals enjoying time at the sanctuary as well.

The elephant in the video is Tara. She is 35-years-old and has established a friendship with an unlikely animal. She’s the one who has been caught on camera having a blast with Bella, the dog. The pair seem to do everything together and love to play out in the grass and water of the sanctuary.

However, an accident left Bella’s back injured. When that happened, she had to go away for three weeks while she recovered. During that long separation, Tara was very sad and awaited the return of Bella with much anticipation. So when Bella finally returned from her three-week stint at the treatment and recovery station, Tara did not hold back her glee at seeing her best friend again.

The moment when Tara and Bella were reunited was a magical one. They were showering each other with so much love and attention. They were jumping and playing and obviously expressing how much they missed one another. Animals can be truly special. It’s beautiful how different species can become friends like this. Bella and Tara can be examples to us all. If they’re able to look beyond their differences and become friends, humans should be able to do it as well.

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