People Outraged By Sentencing For Refugee Who Raped Two Women At Knife : AWM

People Outraged By Sentencing For Refugee Who Raped Two Women At Knife

Six years after Mohammed Ali Mohammed raped two women at knife-point in Utah, the now 20 year old got a very light punishment for his crimes. At the time of his crimes in 2011, the Somali refugee was 14-years-old, pleaded guilty to rape, sexual assault, and kidnapping, and received a sentence of time spent at the Salt Lake Valley juvenile detention center.The Salt Lake Tribune reports that now that he aged out of the juvenile detention system, he had to stand before a judge, legs and hands shackled, and explained he did “very, very horrible things” six years before. In addition to raping the women, he attacked one of them and forced her to take money out at an ATM for his school clothes. He further admitted, “I was a monster. I didn’t know what I was thinking. I was a very stupid kid.”

Mohammed believes that his six years at a juvenile detention facility have changed him since his 2011 crime, as he explained, “There is nothing that I could say or do that could restore what I did to them. The only way I can show them I’ve changed is how I live my life.”

Rather than transferring him to an adult prison, Judge Vernice Trease only sentenced him to five years of strict probation that requires weekly check-ins with the court and probation officer. Further, Mohammed is required to wear an ankle bracelet and cannot have internet access.

Any violation of his probation, the judge noted she wouldn’t “bat an eye” about sending him to prison. Mohammed assured the judge: “I won’t let you down.”

Understandably, the prosecutors and one of his victims were unhappy with the ruling, with the victim saying she is “terrified” that he is now out of jail. She told the judge, “He did adult crimes and should have an adult sentence to match what he did.”

Those weighing in with comments on the Right Wing News site coverage of the story were outraged as well, with one person noting: “They just give them a smack on the hand and let them go. The police do their job and the judges fumble their jobs by not putting these criminals in jail, it’s no wonder that there are so many low lifes out getting away with crime because they know that the judges will set them free.”

Others noted:

“This is what is wrong today in our country, he should have been locked up. So disgusting!!!”

Still others couldn’t believe the light sentencing, with comments such as: “Probation???? This judge needs to be removed asap!! This animal needs locked up for life,” “Last I checked, that was a felony. Who was the moron that sat in the judge’s chair?” and “Judge ask yourself what would you do if it had been your daughter or granddaughter?”

One commenter pointed out: “These criminals do not and will not care because they only get a slap on their wrists! Where is the justice for the victims? Where???”