Photo Of Man’s Breakfast Goes Viral And It’s Repulsing Thousands Of People Every Second : AWM

Photo Of Man’s Breakfast Goes Viral And It’s Repulsing Thousands Of People Every Second

A unique breakfast mashup has nabbed the attention of many… and some of them are thoroughly grossed out.

The picture of the odd combo landed on Reddit – a sliced hard-boiled egg and pieces of a banana. Together. The co-mingling of the two odd foods are enough to get some people pretty riled up, but is it really that discgusting?

So, it might not be culinary perfection, but it’s not all that respulsive either. And besides, whoever consumed this interesting combination is getting some good protein with a little sweet fruit. Who are we to judge? Separately, there’s not much disputing them, but somehow the visual of the two foods comingling in a bowl takes things to another level and people aren’t having it.

One commenter agreed, noting: “I mean it’s a pretty healthy meal I guess. Gross sure. But hard boiled eggs and banana is nutritious.” Another commenter wrote: “Hard-boiled eggs, good. Bananas, good. Hard-boiled eggs and bananas in a bowl, I’d be questioning my life choices.”

Still another pointed out:”It’s like they looked up a few vitamins they wanted in their diet and picked foods at random that had them. Vitamin B and trace minerals are both high here, sooo…there’s that.
Now actually eating it is a different matter.”

Another commenter shared: “This is my usual breakfast, just not jammed into the same bowl.”

One person made this argument: “If I was a robot I would point out this is a very neat way of mixing several food groups with minimal effort, and it’s only human conditioning that makes your species repulsed. But I’m not a robot and this is gross.”

Others pointed out that this is a paleo-inspired banana and egg pancake that’s deconstructed, as one person said: “I was reading in a diet section of a magazine yesterday about making a healthier pancake…. the batter being made by mixing bananas and eggs. I plan to make it soon,” with another pointing out: “it probably doesn’t taste all that bad.”

When one person asked: “Why not just eat them individually? Why lump them together into some sort of shitty bowl-esq thing? Why, man!,” another person reasoned: “Efficiency. You can shovel all the cut up food in your mouth quicker this way so you can get back to work.”

One person said that putting this all together might require some creative eating: “If I had to eat this, I would use my fork or chopsticks to eat each part separately. First I would eat all the bananas, then I would throw away any yolks that are overcooked and maybe scrap the whole dish because the eggs are horrendous looking, even without the fruit.” Well, they tried, anyway.

Others could totally relate, with one person explaining: “Hahaa, I call mine ‘misery gruel’ except it’s tuna and plain yogurt mashed into the hard boiled egg whites instead of banana.” Okay, that sounds much worse.

And the owner of the photo weighed in on The Mirror, explaining: “I’m the one who took the photo! My co-worker would be happy to admit to eating it, she always does odd combinations.”