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Photographer Captures Emotional Dad When Baby Is Born, But Then He Admits The Reason He Was Crying

When a photographer snaps a picture of dad in the delivery room, papa’s face is covered in tears. But after the picture was shown to dad, he laughed. He was not crying because of the birth of the baby. He had another reason for his tears. And as he said that the birth was “not why I was crying,” the photographer was shocked because they see dads crying all the time while on the job – if the tears weren’t for the new baby, what were they for?

Kristie Perez was the birthing photographer hired to document the milestone. And she was the one who caught the new dad at his most vulnerable – with his face covered in salty tears. Only after was she able to ask him about his tears did she learn that they had little to do with the baby who had just entered the world.

Kristie then shared the dad’s story online to promote her business and shed light on why this man will be a great father and husband.

“He helplessly watched his wife vomit profusely for 285+ days. He witnessed her lose 30 pounds in pregnancy not being able to nourish herself due to Hyperemesis Gravidarum & preeclampsia. She was hospitalized four times for dehydration throughout her pregnancy. Ate more dinners on the front steps of their home than he could count because any scent literally made her ill.

“After months of simply being there for her as much as possible, he supported her during birth. I told him I captured him crying seeing his son and he said, ‘That’s not why I was crying.’”

The photographer had seen lots of dads cry throughout her career. She knew it was normal for men to cry in such a life-changing situation. If his tears were not for the baby, what were they for?

“Puzzled, I asked what he meant. He teared up again and said:

“‘This is the first time I have seen her smile in ten months.’”

Because pregnancy was a nightmare for his wife, she suffered every day throughout the process. And he was glad to have his wife back.

“Men, please understand how powerful your empathy can be. To all of the mothers who have traumatic pregnancies and still find a way to smile. Thank you for sacrificing yourself and enduring to bring your precious child into the world. That is no easy feat.”

Everyone knows that mothers are tough and willing to do anything for their little ones. And giving birth is perhaps the hardest thing the human body can endure – just ask any mom. So when a husband or baby daddy is nearby during the pregnancy, it offers a lot of relief and support to mom. She needs the shoulder to cry on and the strong arms to lift her up. But it is okay for dad to shed some tears too, especially when he is doing it because he finally got his wife back after nine long months.

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