Photos: Her Boyfriend Told Her She Has A Beer Gut, But Her Next Move Has Everyone Applauding : AWM

Photos: Her Boyfriend Told Her She Has A Beer Gut, But Her Next Move Has Everyone Applauding

Every gentleman knows that he should never comment on a woman’s weight. Because it is easy for anyone (women and men both) to feel self-conscience about the way they look and their body image, it is best not to draw attention to what the other person could consider their personal failings. During our fast-paced lives, it is hard to get everything in order all the time.

And if you’ve recently had a baby or started a new career, another part of your life can fall out of balance. But that is no reason for another person to poke fun at it or draw unnecessary attention to it. Instead, a partner, especially a boyfriend or a girlfriend, should offer support to help the person out of their slump. So when one boyfriend accused his lover of having a “beer gut,” she did to hesitate to drop him, immediately. Now that she’s shared her story on social media, thousands of people are showing their support for her having dumped her nasty boyfriend.

When the boyfriend started texting Shelby Johnson cruel messages, she was smart enough to snap photos of them as evidence. Since then, she has shared the horrid messages to social media to shame her bullying boyfriend publicly. She turned to the Twittersphere for advice when her boyfriend said she had “been gaining” weight although she is a very healthy 120 pounds.

The boyfriend told Johnson that she had better lose weight or he’d stop being attracted to her. He wrote, “You’re definitely getting a beer gut babe.”

When Johnson heard that, she was outraged. She turned to Twitter and exposed this horrible aspect of his personality to the world. But before she could do that, he called her out for not resembling her Instagram pictures. He added, “The main issue is your gut might stick out more than mine, and that’s weird.”

Because her boyfriend hurt her feelings and made her feel ugly, she showed a picture of herself on Twitter and asked:

“Am I overreacting for feeling hurt by this? I’m at a loss and just can’t even comprehend how someone who claims to love me can say this.”

She then revealed how her boyfriend was preying on her. She suffered from body issues throughout her teens. And as a result, she weighed just 80 pounds at one point. She even baffled her doctors when she couldn’t get higher than 90 pounds.

She wrote, “At 20, I started gaining. When I did, I never felt happier and more healthy. I worked hard for this body. I am 120 pounds of pure growth.”

A few months before her boyfriend made the comment, she posted on Twitter that she had been enjoying the body that Taco Bell had built for her:

So many social media users supported her she was inspired to dump her boyfriend just hours later.

She wrote the next day, “I want to update you guys that we are broken up. He was really unhappy and felt like s***, especially after knowing my tweet went viral. He has told me he’ll use this as a learning experience to be a better person. And here I am, single and free.”

Do you think she made the right decision?