PHOTOS: This Beautiful Model Doesn’t Think She’ll Ever Get Work Again After A Stranger Attacked Her : AWM

PHOTOS: This Beautiful Model Doesn’t Think She’ll Ever Get Work Again After A Stranger Attacked Her

After becoming a finalist in a modeling competition, a young woman, 27, went out for a night on the town to celebrate. Because she was so excited at the accomplishment she had achieved, she was celebrating with her friends and had a wonderful time. However, while on her way home, the beautiful young woman was “punched by a male stranger as she got off a train” and may never be able to model again.

The stranger’s fist crashed into the young woman’s face and smashed her nose. Now Emma Clark, who suffered a broken nose after the senseless act of violence, may not be able to get up in front of an audience to model fashion ever again.

The man attacked her at the train station in Simonside in South Shields, South Tyneside in England. Clark had recently been selected as a finalist for the North East Calendar Girls Grand Final at House of Smith in Newcastle. She was selected as one of the top seventy-five models out of the 1,000 entrants in the competition.

The surprise attack on Clark occurred on Saturday night. She cannot believe the misfortunate she has experienced seemingly out of the blue.

She told Daily Mail: “It was a horrible end to a lovely night. It’s left me shaken. My self-esteem has dropped. I don’t want to go out. I want people to see what he’s done, but I don’t want to walk around like this. I am just hoping the doctors can fix me. I was shocked. I felt like it happened so fast. I can’t even breathe out of my nose. It’s so hard.”

Because the man repeatedly struck her in the face, he damaged her nose so much. Hopefully, the doctors can fix it, but Clark is not confident that she’ll ever be able to pursue her dream career ever again.

She said: “It’s a canny bad break, it’s squashed against my face. It’s awful. It’s painful. It’s numb, but it’s a horrible feeling. My eyes starting to go really black. I haven’t been able to sleep at all. If my mam hadn’t got her phone out and said she was going to take a photo, he could have done a lot worse. And if I had been on alone, it could have been an even more awful attack.”

The attack was a total surprise. Not only was Clark a top model, she recently received her degree as a mental health nurse and was looking to get into a job. But this attack has set her back.

“I was waiting for a job interview, and I was doing my driving lessons. Now I feel I can’t go out. I have suffered low self-esteem all my life, and getting through to the final was a massive boost. It was a massive step forward I was so proud. I can’t look at myself anymore. ‘It’s knocked me down again. It just feels like every time I go up the steps I get knocked back down.”

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