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Pierced Wedding Rings Are Becoming More Popular, But I’ll Never Get One

Wedding trends have been pushing the envelope over the last decade. Because people want to do “something different” than what their parents have done in the past, people are using hawks to carry their wedding rings, performing choreographed dances while heading down the aisle, and even changing the way the wedding dress is supposed to look (remember the one made out of toilet paper, anyone?).

But this recent trend has them all beat. Instead of using regular wedding rings, couples are going to tattoo shops and piercing studios to have their rings surgically implanted into their fingers. These pierced wedding rings are just the next way for people to prove that they love their significant other more than other couples.

A video of the process was recently published on the Facebook page called Cultura Colectiva + and exhibited the new trend in action. If you’re squeamish when it comes to needles piercing human flesh, this new wedding ring trend might be a turn off for you.

However, this trend is one step up from what other people are doing. But not everyone agrees that it is a good idea. The following are just a few responses shared in the comments of the viral Facebook video.

“HEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL no. I personally work with my hands for a living. I don’t need my finger skin ripped off cause of a slip,” Todd Junior wrote.

“I’m sorry if you can’t be bothered to wear a wedding ring then maybe you shouldn’t get married piercing your finger is tacky there is nothing pretty about it,” Carrie Lynn added.

“Nowadays, in the time it takes this piercing to heal completely, many marriages would have already dissolved,” wrote the ever cynical Christina Chouinard Coan.

“That is just DISGUSTING. Why would anyone want to pierce their hand or finger? Oh well, that’s just waiting for infection, being ripped off, getting stuck on something, hey their problem, they’re ones who will be crying,” Diana Alford chimed in.

And while this might be a “disgusting” idea for newlyweds, other people – including one piercing artist – do not even recommend it because it won’t stay around for long.

“This will surface in a month!! I’m a body Piercer and the Ins Diamond it will just fall out!! Washing your hands don’t do it wast of money and then if they are going to put threw like the infected finger that will happen and it will DEFINITELY surface just buy a ring and get your nose pierced!!” wrote Shelley Desind.

Gemma Denise Faron shared a similar view, “It won’t ever heal, it won’t ever stay in, you’ll end up with a nasty ass gammy finger. Every time you touch anything, you’ll pick up bacteria, every time you put your hand in your pockets or bag or put your clothes on it’ll get caught. Have fun showing off your infected finger to your mates with a piercing that will have grown out within a month.”

What do you think about this bizarre new wedding ring trend?

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