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Pissed Off Lady Confronts Family Who Was Trying To Take Pics Of Daughter

Two parents adored their daughter. While out for a day, the pair realized that the particular part of Houston they were in was very scenic. Because they thought their daughter looked very cute in her dress walking along the brick path under the trees, the parents removed their cellphones and started photographing their little girl. As soon as they started taking the images, a woman exited her car, small dog in tow, and rushed over to confront the family.

What happened next was controversial. The parents thought they were simply snapping photos of their daughter in a public part of the neighborhood. But the pissed off lady thought that the sidewalk in the suburb of Houston belonged to her and was private property.

The parents knew that they were getting into a situation, so they promptly switched the photo function over to video and recorded their interaction with the woman.

“This is private property,” the woman with the dog says in the video posted to Facebook by mom Kelyn Alyssa. The woman appears twice in the video trying to smack the camera phone from the hand of Isaiah Allen. In the video, you can also see the balloon in the shape of a “1” that the parents brought along with them to snap photos of their daughter.

The family hired a photographer to take photos in the scenic Broadacres neighborhood, a place they hoped to live eventually. It was their daughter’s first birthday, and the couple was beyond happy to celebrate the major milestone.

The photographer, Allen, and Alyssa, along with the upset baby, set up in a part of the neighborhood that is not private property, according to the Houston Chronicle. However, the angry woman with the small dog wanted to drive the family out of place nevertheless using lies and false claims.

In the video, Alyssa says, “Shame on you” to the barefoot woman with the dog. “You brought your dog here to bite my child.”

Although the dog never became aggressive in the video, the woman who was later identified as retired lawyer Franci Neely did bring the dog alarmingly close to the baby. Neely is the ex-wife of Houston Astros owner Jim Crane and a founding member of the University of Texas School of Law’s Center for Women in Law. She’s accomplished quite a lot throughout her career, but still has time to go after parents trying to take birthday pictures.

“Look at what you’re doing,” Neely shouts at the photographer. “This is my neighborhood, and you’re bringing these people here, and they’re crazy.”

In the video, another photo shoot is happening down the street, but Neely targeted “these people” for undeclared reasons.

In 2017, Neely’s neighborhood posted signs banning photographers from using the space. However, the signs were illegal since space is public property. Although Neely and the Broadacres Homeowners Association want the land for themselves, the City of Houston made it clear that the land in question is “part of the public right of way.”

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