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Pizza Chain Employees Refuse To Serve A Cop In Uniform. Learns The Meaning Of Justice

When a veteran police officer of Dora, Alabama walked into a Little Caesars pizza restaurant, he never expected to face discrimination because of his uniform. But when the officer, Ronnie Phillips, stepped up to the counter to order dinner on Tuesday, the employees at the Sumiton location made the decision not to serve him because he was a police officer.

Although the veteran cop was picking up dinner for his family, the two employees determined that he didn’t deserve to eat that night. The incident hurt the police officer and enraged his family. Later that night, they reported the act of resistance to the Little Caesars corporate office.

The corporate employee was stunned at the Alabama workers refused to serve the veteran officer. And they vowed to make it right. In a statement to WBMA, the corporate spokesperson said that they had launched an investigation into the two employees’ behavior and admitted that the refusal to serve the police officer violated the company’s principles.

Then justice crashed down like a fiery meteor.

“The two employees were terminated the following morning,” said Jill Proctor, corporate communications manager of Little Caesars.

But the corporation refused to stop with that. They had been so troubled that their employees were denying cops service, company representatives flew out to Dora, Alabama the day after the violation and paid a visit to the police station. And they did not come empty-handed. They brought free pizza for all the police officer. The Dora cops would not be without dinner that night.

While the veteran police officer and the other cops were touched, Little Caesars refused to stop there. The day after their employees denied the veteran his dinner. The pizza chain offered free pizza to any current or retired officer in the Birmingham, Alabama metro area. This offer was extended to their immediate family members too. They wanted to make all Birmingham area police officers and their loved ones feel special after employees destroyed that trust.

Little Caesars posted the announcement to Facebook.

“We are proud to serve those who tirelessly serve us and always strive to do the best. A customer service situation occurred at one of our locations where the crew members of this independently owned and operated franchise location did not follow our core principles. Upon investigation, these two crew members were immediately terminated.”

The chain then extended their offer to anyone and everyone who deals with the life and death situation of being a cop. And this touched the hearts of locals.

“We’ll be treating the Dora police station to free pizza today, Wednesday, February 14. Plus, any current or retired police officer or immediate family member can bring proof (to any Birmingham location and get free pizza).”

Phillips’s wife, Michelle, was “livid” when he came home without dinner.

“Those of you who know me, know I have a temper when it comes to my family.”

How do you feel about Little Caesars’ response to the disrespectful “customer service situation?” Did they make it right?

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