Plus-Sized Model Gets Ridiculed On A Flight Because Of Her Weight. Then She Starts Recording : AWM

Plus-Sized Model Gets Ridiculed On A Flight Because Of Her Weight. Then She Starts Recording

When someone blatantly insults another person in public it is usually because they are insecure themselves and they are making a poor attempt at making themselves feel better about their own inadequacies. Obesity is one of the most commonly teased and taunted issues simply because it is easy. Since it is a physical issue and not easily hidden, it opens up a whole lot of unnecessary and hurtful scrutiny and shaming.

When plus-sized model, Natalie Hage, was on the receiving end of a fat-shaming incident, she didn’t hold back and she confronted the man making the hateful remarks, filming the entire scenario so everyone could see just how much of a coward he was. It all happened while Hage was on a flight to Los Angeles for a photo shoot.

As soon as she sat down, Hage could see the man sitting next to her furiously texting about her weight. He made comments that she was taking up so much room that he had a neck mark on the window and that she looked like she had just eaten a Mexican.

“As soon as I sat down… I see him furiously texting and then purposefully turning the phone away from me,” she shared on her Instagram account. “So, naturally, next time he texts, I take a look. From the photos, you can see I’m not in his space. He’s taken over both armrests on purpose, coming to my space and digging his elbows into my side… which is in my seat.”

Instead of shying away from the man’s ignorance, Hage confronted him. She flat out asked him if he normally made fun of fat people and if that was something that he liked to do.

He instantly looked like he had been caught and apologized, admitting that he had been drinking.

Natalie has since removed the video from social media, which didn’t include the man’s face because she didn’t want to “shame” him.

Commenters shared their thoughts and several applauded Hage for standing up for herself and for obese people everywhere…

“Really sad criticizing big people!!… I mean get a life dude where do you get off on criticizing big people for what they look like… I mean do you hear them criticizing how skinny you look….? Grow up man your not a freaking kid anymore.”

Some commenters felt that it was none of her business to read the man’s text messages…

“Well, in the same respect it’s really sad that she felt that she had the right to read somebody’s private messages. Shame on her for that. As for body shaming her, he didn’t say a damn thing to her so he didn’t body shame her so, he made a statement to whoever he was texting. What she did was violate his privacy and then tried to bully him by posting.”

“He was making it very obvious that it was her he was texting about. I’m sure everyone would do the same if it was that obvious they were talking about you, it’s human nature. But it still doesn’t make it right that she read his private text, just as it wasn’t right for him to text what he did, with her sitting so close. Bullying is never right at any time for any reason.”