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Poachers Break Into Hunt Rhinos, Don’t Notice Lions Until It’s Too Late

Poachers steal from nature. They break into animal preserves and sanctuaries and kill animals that are struggling against extinction. They not only kill innocent animals so they can steal their ivory horns and other body parts, but they also put their lives at risk to do it. That’s what happened when suspected rhino poachers broke into an animal preserve and met their end when lions taught them a lesson.

At least two men and as many as three broke into a South African game preserve while they were on the hunt for rhinos so they could kill them and collect their horns. However, a pride of lions killed and ate the poachers before they were able to kill any rhinos and hack away at their horns for profit.

The owner of Shibuya Game Reserve, Nick Fox, posted to Facebook about the group of poachers who broke into the land reserve near Kenton-on-the-Sea in early July. The men were armed with at least one high-powered rifle equipped with a silencer. They also had an ax and food supplies. They were intending to shoot to kill the rhinos and use the ax to chop off their horn. Fox recognized these items as typical of poachers trying to harvest rhino horns. The practice is not only illegal but immoral because it kills an entire animal for just a small part of their body. However, the poachers do not care if they are committing an immoral crime against nature, they just want to gain financially when they sell the horns on the black market.

These men went where they were not supposed to be and came across a pride of lions who had a sense of justice.

“The only body part we found was one skull and one bit of pelvis,” Fox told Newsweek. “Everything else was completely gone. There is so little left that they don’t know exactly how many people were killed. We suspect three because we found three sets of shoes and three sets of gloves.”

Fox heard a loud noise come from the lions at about 4:30 am one morning. But he didn’t think twice about it because that was when the lions were most active. But when the team got a look at it what was happening out in the reserve, they found the remains of the men at around 4:30 p.m.

Many people believe that the poachers got what was coming to them.

Although people know better, horrible acts of poaching continue to happen. Recently 87 elephants were slaughtered for their ivory.

During a routine aerial survey to count elephants in Botswana, researchers found the largest elephant slaughter ever recorded. Eight-seven elephants were found dead with their heads chopped from their shoulders near the wildlife sanctuary in the Okavango Delta. Poachers tried to hide the carcasses under bushes. Poaching was not a problem in Botswana until after the election of president Mokgweetsi Masisi, and anti-poaching units were disarmed.

Elephants Without Borders director and founder Mike Chase was horrified. He said this elephants slaughter was one of the largest ever he had witnessed or read about in Africa.

What do you think about the state of poaching in African countries?

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